Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Dust

Baby Dust by Deanna Roy The five women sitting in the circle of chairs all had great dreams of motherhood. Then their babies died. Melinda sees blood on the floor every day after her loss. Dot believes the wrath of God caused her baby to die. Teenage Tina is trolling internet dating sites for a […]

THREE DAYS to DIE: A Thriller

Ready for a few more great reads? Check out this collection of 5 Free Kindle Books and snag your favorites tonight! >> Did you see all of the great Kindle ebook deals today? Make sure you didn’t miss any: Click Here and grab them while they last! Though free at time of posting, prices may […]

Hawk of May (Down the Long Way 1)

Hawk of May (Down the Long Way 1) by Gillian Bradshaw On The Path Toward Greatness, Every Hero Makes a Choice Legends sing of Sir Gawain, one of the most respected warriors of King Arthur’s reign and one of the greatest champions of all time. But this is not that story. This is the story […]