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February 11, 2012 · 61 comments

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Ready for a book you can’t put down? Well, it’s a good thing it’s Saturday, because we have collection of 5 Free Kindle Books that are sure to keep you enthralled!

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Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic)
Titanic 2012 (Curse of RMS Titanic)

by Robert W. Walker
FREE on Kindle

This historical generational horror/suspense/science fiction novel defies genre classification as it has intrigue and terror. It is a Centenary retelling of the Titanic story to destroy all the false legends surrounding Titanic. “From a master of terror and suspense,” according to Clive Cussler, author of Raise the Titanic, herein lies a compelling reason that forces Captain Edward J. Smith to scuttle his own ship—RMS Titanic. What dark secret prompts such an action on the part of a veteran, retiring captain on a ship’s maiden voyage? What prompts men a hundred years later to pillage the wreck of the Titanic? What secret lies buried within the lost ship—a secret that could destroy all life as we know it?

The answers are unveiled in April 1912 and in April 2012… and there will be blood…

Tower of Bones
Tower of Bones

by Connie J. Jasperson
FREE on Kindle

The Gods are at war, and Neveyah is their battlefield…
Edwin Farmer toils away on his father’s sleepy farm, unaware of his family’s bargain with the Goddess Aeos, or the manner in which he will be called upon to honor that bargain.

From the first moment that he is in the strange land of Neveyah, Edwin finds himself fighting for his life and after he gets the hang of it, he finds that he rather enjoys it. Soon he has embarked on the journey that he always wanted, and in the process he discovers how little he knows about his family and his father in particular.

In the Rose Tower of the haunted keep of Mal Evol, the Bull God holds the key to winning the war between the Gods. Imprisoned and alone in a strange country, Marya awaits the rescue promised by her only friends: the shadowy ghosts that haunt the Shadow Castle.

Obsessed with rescuing the girl that he dreams of nightly, Edwin struggles to develop the unique abilities that will allow him to steal Marya back from the Rose Tower and save her from the madman who holds her prisoner.

In order to win Marya safely back for the Temple of Aeos, Edwin must discover the story of the boy that his father once was, the events that made his father the man that he is, and how he can fulfill his own true role in Neveyah.

A Million Tears
A Million Tears

by Paul Henke
FREE on Kindle

America at the turn of the century. For the enterprising immigrant – a land of optimism and hope. From the hardship and poverty of Wales in 1890 this is the story of the Griffiths family and their journey to succeed in the new country. Henke describes the excitement of the pioneers in the early twentieth century. A tale of intrigue and adventure – the characters come to life against the backdrop of the time. You will not want to put this book down.

A Million Tears is a mighty epic, a tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth – this is a story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.

Keep Mama Dead
Keep Mama Dead

by S. James Nelson
FREE on Kindle

In 1905 of this alternate history, in a country located between Arizona and Utah, 19-year-old Thomas Baker has accepted that his mother won’t last out the day. She’s used up all her second life days, and won’t live again.

People should respect someone’s wishes to stay dead, but Thomas’s family will try to resurrect her. They need her to work the farm and cook their meals. They need her for a slave–a companion to Thomas out in the fields.

So Thomas has to stop them. He has to keep his mama dead.

Not a problem–at least, not until Mr. Milne arrives with Miss Sade. She’s Thomas’s age, and wears a white dress and hat. She has a face like an angel and hair like a halo. But she’s also a zombie raiser–which means the barrier has fallen. The Moabites can invade with their undead army.

And no doubt they will. They want to own the sacred land of Zion’s Canyon–the very location where Thomas’s family will try to resurrect his mama. But he’ll stop his family. Even if that means facing an army of zombies. Or his brother and father.

Or a zombie-raising belle.


by Ed Bethune
FREE on Kindle

Jackhammered is a story of hope and redemption, told with candor by a man who had a complicated childhood, joined the Marines when he was 18, became a special agent of the FBI, and then a prosecuting attorney.

In 1978, against all odds, Ed Bethune won a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

His story is unlike any memoir you have ever read because it tells of a young life nearly lost, a love found, and a lifelong struggle to wash away troubles by living out dreams of adventure.

His successes–in politics, in the courtroom defending the poorest of the poor, and as a high profile ethics lawyer for Speaker Newt Gingrich and Majority Leader Tom DeLay–soothe his quest for identity.

But it is not until he and his wife encounter a fearsome storm while trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 31-foot sailboat that he solves the riddle that has haunted him all his life.

For millions of young people, especially those who are dealing with shame or embarrassment of one kind or another, Jackhammered is a Godsend. The story teaches us all to take heart and to live out our dreams… even those that may be a size too big.

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