Book of the Day: Short Stories About Power Linemen

September 15, 2017

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As Florida rebuilds from the destruction of Hurricane Irma, Lineman crews from across the country are hitting the road and lending their services to areas in need. Take a minute to learn about the brave crew who keep the lights on and play such a critical role in everyone’s daily life.

Short Stories About Power Linemen, a Dying BreedShort Stories About Power Linemen, a Dying Breed by William Arnold

Share in the unexpected joys of an unconventional career in William H. Arnold Jr.’s Short Stories about Power Linemen, a Dying Breed.

As the United States faces a shortage of power lineman—those who install and maintain electric power transmission and distribution lines—it’s more important than ever for the public to know how essential this line of work is… and what kind of havoc can occur if replacement linemen aren’t found in time.

Whether he is remembering the conversations he had with veterans of Korea, Vietnam, or World War II, Bill Arnold’s love for the job—as well as his fondness for his fellow coworkers—is a profound testament to this vital industry.

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