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The section “Free Nook Books” on Pixel of Ink includes Limited Time Offers and often forgotten but Popular Classics. Grab these books while you can – most of these books are available for a Limited Time only!

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I Want it Now! A Memoir of Life on the Set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

For even MORE Free & Bargain eBooks, be sure to check Pixel of Ink throughout the day. More are on the way! Here is a collection of 4 Free Kindle Books that you won’t want to miss. Touching, informative, and entertaining, these ebooks are sure to be a welcome addition to your Kindle library! Though […]

Absolutely Organize Your Family

Absolutely Organize Your Family by Debbie Lillard Struggle Less and Savor More Managing a family is no easy task. There are school projects to supervise, a constant deluge of laundry and toys to deal with, and after-school activities to drive to every night. It makes you wish you had an instruction manual to help you […]


These 3 Free eBooks are sure to please! Take a trip down memory lane and re-vist Europe in the 30’s, New York in the 40’s, and Paris in the 60’s… Though free at time of posting, prices may change at any time. Please verify that the “Kindle Price” is $0.00. If you see a price […]