[Free Kindle Book] Indecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard

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Indecent ProposalIndecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard


“What would you do for a millions dollars?” Jack Engelhard’s world-class provocative novel/Mega-Hit movie, staring Robert Redford and Demi Moore, is now on Kindle.

Nothing cooled the fire in Joshua Kane’s belly, not even marriage to his drop dead gorgeous wife, Joan, his own American dream–a Philadelphia socialite who gave up her lifestyle to have him. Now Josh believed that money could stop the burning in his gut, the kind of cash Joan deserved, the kind he’d never make at his nine-to-five job. That’s why he was in the casino, hoping for the big score.

A high-rolling billionaire was there too, looking for a gamble that interested him…like offering a million bucks to spend one night with Josh’s beautiful wife. It was the devil’s deal–and tempting as hell. But just thinking about it was tearing Josh’s marriage apart, and his instincts told him that there was more to this proposal than money and sex. The mysterious, handsome man was playing a sinister game, and this time Joan’s body and Josh’s soul–or maybe his life–were the prize.

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