[Free Kindle Book] The Adventures of Whatley Tupper

June 18, 2011

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The Adventures of Whatley TupperThe Adventures of Whatley Tupper by Daniel Pitts and Rudolf Kerkhoven (4.4 out of 5 stars) is currently available as a FREE Kindle book!

Whatley Tupper is an A-grade janitor at a B-grade university about to become entwined in C-grade fiction!

Will he tame the troglodyte murderer living in the disused network of campus tunnels? Will he join forces with the Denny’s night manager to counter a renegade group of custodians? Will he inadvertently travel into a parallel universe that sounds suspiciously similar to another plot-line? Will he journey to Honduras to reunite with his deported love? Will he suffer amnesia and begin to question his own sexuality? Will he leave all this madness behind and book a relaxing Alaskan cruise? Or will he turn out to be nothing more than a figment in the imagination of his idol, Tom Selleck?

Yes, there is something in the air tonight… Adventure! Romance! Carbon Monoxide!

The choice is yours.

Click here to download: The Adventures of Whatley Tupper

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