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Here is a collection of 6 Free Kindle Books you will want to snap up while they last!

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Love in a Small TownLove in a Small Town
by Betty Jo Schuler
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It’s late June when Sam Champion drives into an Indiana town and sees a “Grow Browning” billboard, with the population, 3653, in changeable numbers, like those on a scoreboard. Sam, an Arizona professor, wants to sell the house he inherited, fast, and return to Arizona, for a prestigious promotion. Lily Madison, his red-haired neighbor is an accident-waiting-to-happen, but beautiful, determined, and smart, she has other plans for Sam and Browning. Lily brightens Sam’s life, but he doesn’t realize how much until he tries to walk away.

An Introduction To The Eternal Collection Jubilee EditionAn Introduction To The Eternal Collection Jubilee Edition
by Barbara Cartland
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This specially priced volume of four titles is both a celebration of the Jubilee and your introduction to the Eternal Collection by Barbara Cartland, which will be published four titles per month until all five hundred are available.

This set includes the following books: Elizabethan Lover, The Little Pretender, A Ghost in Monte Carlo, and A Duel of Hearts.

Live from the RoadLive from the Road
by P.C. Zick
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Meg Newton and Sally Sutton seek a change in the mundane routine of their lives. “Is this all there is?” Sally asks Meg after visiting a dying friend in the hospital. That’s when Meg suggests they take a journey to discover the answer. Joined by their daughters, they set off on a journey of salvation enhanced by the glories of the Mother Road. Along the way, they are joined by a Chicago blues man, a Pakistani liquor store owner from Illinois, a Marine from Missouri, a gun-toting momma from Oklahoma, and a motel clerk from New Mexico. Meg, mourning for her dead son, learns to share her pain with her daughter CC. When Sally’s husband of almost thirty years leaves a voice mail telling her he’s leaving, both Sally and her daughter Ramona discover some truths about love and independence.

Live from the Road takes the reader on an often humorous, yet harrowing, journey. Death, divorce and deception help to reveal the inner journey taking place under the blazing desert sun as a Route 66 motel owner reads the Bhagavad-Gita and an eagle provides the sign they’ve all been seeking. Enlightenment comes tiptoeing in at dawn in a Tucumcari laundromat, while singing karaoke at a bar in Gallup, New Mexico, and during dinner at the Roadkill Café in Seligman, Arizona. The four women’s lives will never be the same after the road leads them to their hearts – the true destination for these road warriors.

Gem RatsGem Rats
by Lisa Loomis
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Stella Kennedy, a personal trainer in the small town of Jackson Hole, from afar seems to have her life together. A nice husband, a beautiful home, good children, and a body she is obsessive about keeping fit. When a handsome younger gym member gets overly flirty with her it becomes clear, to some of Stella’s clients, that trouble may be brewing in paradise.

Set in a highly competitive tourist town where everyone knows everyone else’s business a group of seven women bond through their narcissistic personal trainer. These work out “gem rats” come from a variety of backgrounds, many affected by their high society attitude and money. Relationships and tenuous friendships form and are tested as life’s challenges present themselves to each of the women differently.

LAST CHANCE LASSITER (The Jake Lassiter Series)LAST CHANCE LASSITER (The Jake Lassiter Series)
by Paul Levine
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This time, the linebacker-turned-lawyer faces overwhelming odds. Lassiter represents Cadillac Johnson, an aging rhythm and blues musician who claims his greatest song was stolen by a top-of-the-charts hip-hop artist.

Lassiter’s personal life is in chaos. He loses his job at a deep-carpet law firm and moves to a dumpy office in a Miami Beach parking garage. Then his lawyer-girlfriend, the ambitious Kim Coates, dumps him for not being “partnership material.” Not only that, he faces disbarment after punching out his own client.

Only a few years out of law school, Lassiter is already developing his iconoclastic rules. “I will live by no code but my own.” This time, that code could leave him disbarred or bankrupt…or worse.

by Shareef Jaudon
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A newborn baby boy cries out in the night but instead of a cozy crib his screams echo from a back alley dumpster! Abandoned at birth, Tyce Adkins is forced to go solo until he meets Omar. The two become fast friends and feared enforcers in the vicious drug game working for a sadistic boss named Biz.

Things get complicated when Biz and a strong willed Tyce don’t see eye to eye. Never the one to play the backseat role, Tyce strikes out on his own once again, but this time he has company. His partner Omar, the sexy escort Dallas, family man Sway, and Biz’s unsatisfied girlfriend Angelique!

With his new crew, Tyce embarks on a money mission that’s packed with problems. Tyce is forced to deal with a vengeful Biz, paid assassins, dirty detectives, jealousy, and love. He’s beaten the odds since birth, but all this may be too much for Tyce to handle…after all, he’s only one man.

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