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August 13, 2012 · 20 comments

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by Paul Levine
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Victoria Lord follows all the rules… Steve Solomon makes up his own… When they defend an accused murderer, they’ll either end up in ruin, in jail… or in bed.

Steve Solomon is the sharpest lawyer ever to barely graduate from Key West School of Law. Victoria Lord is fresh from Yale, toiling for an ambitious D.A., before Solomon gets her fired. And Katrina Barksdale is a sexy former figure skater charged with killing her very wealthy, very kinky husband. With all three tangled in Miami’s steamiest trial of the century, the case is sure to make sparks fly, headlines scream – and opposites attract.

The Rules of Life, Expanded EditionThe Rules of Life, Expanded Edition
by Richard Templar
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The first edition of The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life became a global phenomenon, topping bestseller charts around the world. This revised edition includes nine new rules to take you further, faster. Author Richard Templar brings together 106 practical rules that happy, successful people follow, even if they’ve never thought about it. These are realistic, commonsense things you can do differently, starting today… small things that make a powerful difference.

Under a Texas StarUnder a Texas Star
by Alison Bruce
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Disguised as a boy, Marly joins a handsome Texas Ranger in the hunt for a con man and they must bring the fugitive to justice before giving up the masquerade and giving in to their passion.

When Marly Landers is fooled by con man Charlie Meese, she’s determined to bring him to justice–even if it means dressing up as a boy and setting off across the plains to find him.

Texas Ranger Jase Strachan is also after Meese, for crimes committed in Texas. He joins forces with the young boy in a journey that takes them to Fortuna, where a murder interrupts their mission. Jase is duty bound to find the killer, no matter the cost.

Marly carries out her own investigation and comes to the aid of Amabelle Egan, the sister of one of the suspects. But appearances are deceiving, and Marly is mistaken for Amabelle’s suitor, making her a target for the killer. Not to mention, Charlie Meese is still out there.

Under the Texas stars, Marly and Jase are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, yet fate plots to tear them apart. Will Marly finally get her man?

Raven's Heart (A Tale from Secramore)Raven’s Heart (A Tale from Secramore)
by Matthew Verish
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An exiled man wonders if he should forsake his new life and risk returning to his homeland. A troubled girl seeks redemption for a terrible crime she has committed. A solitary tracker breaks an oath in order to communicate with an infamous, supernatural criminal. A vagabond thief chances leaving behind the world he knew for an unknown destiny.

An unlikely cast of characters, they are thrown together by chance, or perhaps by fate, willingly embarking upon an eccentric wizard’s mission to recover a magical stone: Raven’s Heart.

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Sheryl Cooper August 13, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Paul Levine was a great find! Thank you!

Priscilla Jermyn August 13, 2012 at 2:29 pm

thank you

Rhonda Wimm August 13, 2012 at 2:29 pm


Lynn Filipowicz August 13, 2012 at 2:34 pm

thank you for the great books!

Renika Simpson-Smith August 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Thank you guys!

Jessica Renee Felder August 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm

Oh my, yes another great collection. Thanks again POI.

Nell Rider August 13, 2012 at 2:58 pm

As always, THANK YOU!

Deborah Baldwin August 13, 2012 at 3:08 pm

I have so many books on my Kindle now…LOL. It's awesome! :)

Nell Rider August 13, 2012 at 2:58 pm

As always, THANK YOU!

Susie Allread-Jones August 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Already had the Solomon Vs. Lord book! It is a great read! Love his books!

Deena Gilbert Dyer August 13, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Thank you! :)

Jolene Ehret August 13, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Already had the first two, other one did not call to me sorry.

Lana Brannan August 13, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Yeah! Paul Levine!

Dora Lynn Mitchell August 13, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Gotta love this site. Thanks

Pat Walker August 13, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Hard to decide which to read first.

Barbara McDonald August 13, 2012 at 4:21 pm

Thank you for the free Kindle books. I am sure glad that I found you.

Debbie Rogers August 13, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Thank for your free book even though I may not always take one. I appreciate them that I do take.

Albert Courier August 13, 2012 at 5:27 pm

thanks for the great reading.

Norma Cascio August 13, 2012 at 7:08 pm

I got the Paul Levine book back in June. With so many books on my Kindle, haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Dorothy Vamvakides August 14, 2012 at 1:35 pm

thanks for the great books!

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