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The Hoosier Mama Book of PieThe Hoosier Mama Book of Pie
by Paula Haney
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Specializing in hand-made, artisanal pies that only use locally sourced and in-season ingredients, Hoosier Mama Pie Company has become a local favorite and a national destination gaining praise from Bon Appetit, the Food Network, and Food & Wine as one of the top pie shops in the country. Now, The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie delivers all the sumptuous secrets of buttery crusts, fruity fillings, creams and custards, chess pies, over-the-top pies, and even the stout and hearty savory pie. The practically oriented, easy-going, and accessible style of this book will help bakers both new and old make the perfect pie for every occasion.

The Purge of Babylon: A Novel of SurvivalThe Purge of Babylon: A Novel of Survival
by Sam Sisavath
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One night. That was all it took.

Creatures that once lived in the shadows, hidden from humankind, have risen, spreading like a plague across the globe over the course of a single night. Their numbers growing exponentially through infection, these seemingly unkillable creatures have swallowed up whole cities and collapsed unprepared governments.

Survivors call it The Purge.

Against all odds, a disparate group of survivors has emerged from that blood-soaked night that devastated the planet and reduced humanity to an endangered species. Among the survivors are two ex-Army Rangers, a businesswoman, and a third-year medical student. But surviving The Purge was one thing – staying alive is another matter entirely.

Hope exists in the countryside, in the form of a self-sustaining underground facility designed to withstand any calamity. But in order to reach its safety, the survivors must travel hundreds of treacherous miles, with the night – and the creatures that dwell within it – always at their backs.

The rules are simple: stay out of the dark, load up on silver bullets, and whatever you do, stay alive. The road to salvation has begun…

[HOT DEAL] From Stress to Stillness – Only 99c!

From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner PeaceFrom Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace
by Gina Lake

Most stress is created by how we think about things. From Stress to Stillness will help you to examine what you’re thinking and change your relationship to your thoughts so that they no longer result in stress. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, mindfulness meditation, psychology, New Thought, and the author’s own experience as a spiritual teacher and counselor, From Stress to Stillness offers many practices and suggestions that will lead to greater peace and equanimity, even in a busy and stress-filled world.

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[TODAY ONLY] When I Found You – Save $12

When I Found YouWhen I Found You
by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Over 3,800 5-Star Reviews!

From the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes When I Found You, an exquisite, emotional tale of the unexpected bonds that nothing in life can break.

While duck hunting one morning, childless, middle-aged Nathan McCann finds a newborn abandoned in the woods. To his shock, the child – wrapped in a sweater and wearing a tiny knitted hat – is still alive. To his wife’s shock, Nathan wants to adopt the boy… but the child’s grandmother steps in. Nathan makes her promise, however, that one day she’ll bring the boy to meet him so he can reveal that he was the one who rescued him.

Fifteen years later, the widowered Nathan discovers the child abandoned once again – this time at his doorstep. Named Nat, the teenager has grown into a sullen delinquent whose grandmother can no longer tolerate him. Nathan agrees to care for Nat, and the two engage in a battle of wills that spans years. Still, the older man repeatedly assures the youngster that, unlike the rest of the world, he will never abandon him – not even when Nat suffers a trauma that changes both of their lives forever.

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[Kindle Daily Deal] The Immortal Circus – Save 87%

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The Immortal CircusThe Immortal Circus
by A. R. Kahler
Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

Murdered contortionists aren’t exactly what Vivienne signed up for when she ran away to join the circus. But like most things under the big top, nothing is what it seems. With a past she can’t quite remember, Vivienne finds that running away forever might not be as appealing as it once sounded – because forever means something quite different at the Cirque des Immortels.

Aided by her friends Kingston – a feisty stage magician whose magic is quickly stealing her heart – and his sarcastic assistant, Vivienne finds herself racing against the clock to discover the culprit behind a series of deaths that should be impossible. However, the answer she seeks might reveal more about her own bloody past – and future – than she bargains for.

The show’s just beginning.

Step right up…

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[Just 99c] The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters: The Complete Trilogy

The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters: The Complete TrilogyThe Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters: The Complete Trilogy
by Sarah Price, Pam Jarrell

Follow the story of four Amish sisters who run Whoopie Pie Place, the best known bakery outside of Berlin, Ohio. Each sister has a secret that influences their lives and, unknowingly, impacts each other. Yet, little by little, the pressure of balancing their responsibilities of their daily lives with their individual secrets becomes harder to manage.

The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters is a different type of Amish Christian story. By blending Sarah Price’s 25 years experience of living among the Amish in Pennsylvania with Pamela Jarrell’s extensive 15 years experience interacting and befriending the Amish in Berlin, Ohio, Price and Jarrell team up to give the readers a new type of story that focuses not so much on romance but on friendships and the reality of day-to-day life living among the Amish.

This book contains all three of the original “books” plus recipes and hymns from the Ausbund.

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Reclaim My HeartReclaim My Heart
by Donna Fasano
Over 100 5-Star Reviews!


Sixteen years ago, Tyne Whitlock cut all ties to her past and left town under the shameful shadow of a teenage pregnancy. Now her fifteen-year-old son is in trouble with the law, and she is desperate for help. But reaching out to high-powered attorney Lucas Silver Hawk will tear open the heart-wrenching past in ways Tyne never imagined.

Forced to return to the Delaware Indian community where Lucas was raised, Tyne and Lucas are tempted by the heated passion that consumed them as teens. Tyne rediscovers all the reasons she found this man irresistible, but there are scandalous secrets waiting to be revealed, disgraceful choices made in the past that cannot be denied. Love is a powerful force that could heal them both – if the truth doesn’t rip them apart.

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The Deal: Jiao YiThe Deal: Jiao Yi
by David Zen
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In Shanghai in the depths of the global financial crisis, Jasmine Liu and April Wang are young businesswomen on opposite sides of an international deal between the U.S. and China, which they know simply as jiāo yì, “the deal”. Their bosses — California investor Richard Gregg and Chinese property entrepreneur Wang Jun — are driven to make the deal succeed.

When complications arise and threaten to spin out of control, beautiful Jasmine and eager April draw together to try to put things right — pulling Richard, Wang Jun and their businesses along through the chaos. In a thrilling story that brings an international cast of characters vividly to life against the sights, smells and sounds of Shanghai, Hong Kong and California, the characters juggle the challenges of high-stakes investment, traditional and modern values and relationships, and their own demons.

Caught in a web of corruption and personal agendas against the background of fast-changing modern China, will they all be able to rescue jiāo yì, their careers, their families, and new relationships?

Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone!Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone!
by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera
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Ever Wonder How Miracles Occur? Shaman Stone Soup is an Enchanting Memoir Featuring 20 True-Life Stories of Miracles.

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera shares personal stories of spirit guides, angels and enlightened beings answering calls for help through miracles. You’ll read about the spirits of ancient wise men who provided a miraculous cure from cancer for a friend; Elizabeth’s vivid dream of a pastor who needed guidance and their later “chance” meeting; a client’s husband, who was visited by three spirits showing him the past, present and future; and many more!

[Only 99c] Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights)

Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights)Slow Hand (Hot Cowboy Nights)
by Victoria Vane

In rural Montana…
Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who’s torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He’s on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She’s a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.

Even the lawyers wear boots…
Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds-until her father’s death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can’t resist a cowboy with a slow hand…

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[Save $15] The Paradiso Files: Boston’s Unknown Serial Killer

The Paradiso Files: Boston's Unknown Serial KillerThe Paradiso Files: Boston’s Unknown Serial Killer
by Timothy M. Burke

In this bold and suspenseful true-crime story, former homicide prosecutor Timothy M. Burke makes his case against one Leonard Paradiso.

Lenny “The Quahog” was convicted of assaulting one young woman and paroled after three years, but Burke believes that he was guilty of much more – that Paradiso was a serial killer who operated in the Boston area, and maybe farther afield, for nearly fifteen years, assaulting countless young women and responsible for the deaths of as many as seven.

Burke takes the reader inside the minds of prosecutors, police investigators, and one very dangerous man who thought he had figured out how to rape and murder and get away with it.

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[HOT DEAL] The Deepest Waters – Save 94%

The Deepest WatersThe Deepest Waters
by Dan Walsh
Over 300 5-Star Reviews!

For John and Laura Foster, what began as a fairytale honeymoon in 1857 aboard the steamship SS Vandervere soon becomes a nightmare. A terrible hurricane strikes and the grand ship is lost in the murky depths of the Atlantic. Laura finds herself rescued with the other women and children, but how can she feel anything but despondent without her groom? Suspecting her John is gone but still daring to hope for a miracle, Laura must face the possibility of life alone.

Talented author Dan Walsh skillfully tells an epic story of hope, faith, and love through an intimate lens. Inspired by real events, this emotional and honest story will capture your heart as you sail through its pages.

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