[Pixel Picks] Freebies & Deals for 12/28: Part 1

December 28, 2012 · 15 comments

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Lies & Legacy: Frankie's StoryLies & Legacy: Frankie’s Story
by Elaine Whitesides
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Farm girl Frankie learned early about how to live through painful goodbyes. When the last members of her family pass away, Frankie trades country life to be a stylist at a big-city TV station. When Meredith Witt, the station’s drama diva news anchor, immediately treats Frankie like gum on the bottom of her designer heels, Frankie entertains herself by terrorizing Meredith.

But in the midst of designing her new life in the city, Frankie unravels her childhood sweetheart’s plan for betrayal. Overcoming that deep wound of deceit won’t be easy but before Frankie can tackle that pain, she’s shoved into a crisis that could cost her everything.

She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, a feisty and fearless woman in a fight for all she has left of beloved yesterdays. Right in the midst of trying to live through her biggest trial yet, love comes along. And he even knows how to drive a tractor.

Covert ReichCovert Reich
by A.K. Alexander
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Young, homeless, pregnant minority women and their unborn infants are dying in the emergency rooms in East Los Angeles…

When three pregnant, homeless women die within a week of one another inside the emergency room of County Hospital in East Los Angeles, Dr. Kelly Morales begins to question why and how. When Dr. Morales attempts to question her colleague pathologist Dr. Jake Hamilton he becomes agitated and obviously anxious at her questions. Hours later Dr. Hamilton is murdered…

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-QuartersThe Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters
by Barbara Silkstone
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Alice Harte’s life is falling apart. Her boss at the real estate firm where she works is a litigious and murderous man with ties to “The Mob” in Florida. She KNOWS he has literally beheaded someone in the past.

Her whole life she has dreamed of living in England and meeting a man similar to John Cleese. In an attempt to start breaking away from her boss who is threatening her with a lawsuit, she flies to England to meet Nigel Channing, who has been charming her through e-mails and phone calls.

As her life in Miami falls apart, with mobsters and a pending fraud lawsuit, her romantic savior in England looks more and more tarnished by the hour. And then she stumbles across a beheaded mob boss. How will she ever keep her head and win the lawsuit? And what about love?

[Hot Deal] These Old Shades – Save 86%

These Old ShadesThese Old Shades
by Georgette Heyer

Set in the Georgian period, about 20 years before the Regency, These Old Shades is considered to be the book that launched Heyer’s career. It features two of Heyer’s most memorable characters: Justin Alastair, the Duke of Avon, and Leonie, whom he rescues from a life of ignomy and comes to love and marry.

The Duke is known for his coldness of manner, his remarkable omniscience, and his debauched lifestyle. Late one evening, he is accosted by a young person dressed in ragged boy’s clothing running away from a brutal rustic guardian. The Duke buys “Leon” and makes the child his page. “Leon” is in fact Leonie, and she serves the Duke with deep devotion. When he uncovers the true story of her birth, he wreaks an unforgettable revenge on her sinister father in a chilling scene of public humiliation.

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[Hot Deal] Odd Thomas – Save 80%

Odd ThomasOdd Thomas
by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas demonstrates Dean Koontz at his pinnacle, providing terrific entertainment that deals seriously with some of the deepest themes of human existence: the nature of evil, the grip of fate, and the power of love.

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[Kindle Daily Deal] Under the Dome by Stephen King

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Today’s deal is…

Under the DomeUnder the Dome
by Stephen King

In Stephen King’s moving meditation on our capacity for good and evil, the town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, is suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. But why?

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[Kindle Kids Daily Deal] Judy Moody

Today’s deal for Kids is…

Judy Moody (11 Books on Sale)Judy Moody (11 Books on Sale)
by Megan McDonald and Peter H. Reynolds

Today only, 11 books from the award-winning, best-selling series starring independent-minded third-grader Judy Moody are just $1.99 each.

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