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December 30, 2012 · 12 comments

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Snow SoldiersSnow Soldiers
by Carrie Crafton
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Kate seemed to have an idyllic life. A husband she loved, two little boys that were the center of her life, and even a mother-in-law who adored her. So why was she being packed up and shipped off from her home in Ireland back to her own country? Was it really up to everybody else to tell her she needed to find herself again?

But, when she’s reunited with her best friend and the other women in her life she left behind, the key to the person she once was dangles in front of her enticingly. Will she be able to reach out and grab it?

Les MisérablesLes Misérables
by Victor Hugo
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Les Misérables, by French author Victor Hugo, follows the lives and interactions of several French characters over a twenty-year period in the early 19th century, starting in the year of Napoleon’s final defeat. The novel focuses on the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean, as he seeks to redeem himself. It examines the nature of good, evil, and the law, and expounds upon the history of France, architecture of Paris, politics, moral philosophy, antimonarchism, justice, religion, and the types and nature of romantic and familial love. The story is historical fiction because it contains factual, historic events, including the Paris Uprising of 1832 (often mistaken for the much earlier French Revolution).

The ABC'S of Freezer CookingThe ABC’S of Freezer Cooking
by C.M. Logan
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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have an extra hour in the evening to yourself and not have to worry about the dreaded question, “Hey Mom, what’s for dinner?” then freezer cooking just might be for you.

The ABC’S of Freezer Cooking covers all the basics to teach you how to and how not to prepare freezer meals for your family. From cooking all your meals for a month in just one day, or preparing just a few extra meals for when you’re family is particularly busy, this book is full of helpful tips and tricks to help you make it happen.

Included are meal plan ideas, money saving strategies, basic recipes, and there is even a section on how to utilize freezer cooking as a weight loss tool. If you’re looking for a quick read, and an introduction into the world of make-ahead meals then this book is the perfect place to get started.

[Hot Deal] Flat-Out Love – Save 92%

Flat-Out LoveFlat-Out Love
by Jessica Park

New York Times best-selling author Jessica Park mines the territory of love’s growing pains with wit, sharp insights, and a discernible heat and heartbeat.

He was tall, at least six feet, with dirty blond hair that hung over his eyes. His T-shirt read Nietzsche Is My Homeboy.

So, that was Matt. Who Julie Seagle likes. A lot. But there is also Finn. Who she flat out loves.

Complicated? Awkward? Completely.

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[Hot Deal] A Year of Biblical Womanhood – Save 88%

A Year of Biblical WomanhoodA Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master”
by Rachel Held Evans

What is “biblical womanhood”… really?

Strong-willed and independent, Rachel Held Evans couldn’t sew a button on a blouse before she embarked on a radical life experiment – a year of biblical womanhood. Intrigued by the traditionalist resurgence that led many of her friends to abandon their careers to assume traditional gender roles in the home, Evans decides to try it for herself, vowing to take all of the Bible’s instructions for women as literally as possible for a year.

Pursuing a different virtue each month, Evans learns the hard way that her quest for biblical womanhood requires more than a “gentle and quiet spirit” (1 Peter 3:4). It means growing out her hair, making her own clothes, covering her head, obeying her husband, rising before dawn, abstaining from gossip, remaining silent in church, and even camping out in the front yard during her period.

See what happens when a thoroughly modern woman starts referring to her husband as “master” and “praises him at the city gate” with a homemade sign. Learn the insights she receives from an ongoing correspondence with an Orthodox Jewish woman, and find out what she discovers from her exchanges with a polygamist wife. Join her as she wrestles with difficult passages of scripture that portray misogyny and violence against women.

With just the right mixture of humor and insight, compassion and incredulity, A Year of Biblical Womanhood is an exercise in scriptural exploration and spiritual contemplation.

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[Kindle Daily Deal] 50 Mysteries & Thrillers On Sale!

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Today’s deal is…

First to Kill50 Mysteries & Thrillers
by Various Authors

Today only, 50 mysteries and thrillers are each just $1.99 or less, including 14 James Bond novels and suspenseful books by Frank Wheeler Jr., Andrew Peterson, T.R. Ragan, and more.

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[Hot Deal] The Heart of Matter: Odyssey One – Save 87%

The Heart of Matter: Odyssey OneThe Heart of Matter: Odyssey One
by Evan Currie

Evan Currie’s Odyssey One series combines old-school space opera with modern storytelling to create an exhilarating new sci-fi adventure.

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