Saturday Night: 4 More Free Kindle Books + 1 Hot Deal

September 8, 2012 · 3 comments

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Ready for some more great reads? Check out these 4 Free Kindle Books (+ 1 Hot Deal) and grab your favorites while they last!

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The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One WomanThe Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman
by Barbara Silkstone
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Meet author, Barbara Silkstone, who traveled the country for six years armed only with a tape recorder and a quirky sense of humor, listening to men talk about women, love, commitment, and male hopes and fears.

Women will enjoy this book for the insight it gives them into the male mind. Men will immediately compare themselves with the 527 Naked Men. Both genders will gain a new and often humorous perspective on the opposite sex. This is a work of True Fiction.

The NexusThe Nexus
by J. Kraft Mitchell
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In this city, criminals may just make the best crime fighters.

The United Space Programs built the floating city to be a better place for humanity, free of the crime and corruption that riddled the cities of Earth. They failed. Less than a century old, the satellite metropolis of Anterra now harbors a massive criminal underground.

Jill Branch is just one of countless teenagers who have been sucked into the illegal activities of the city. She’s an errander–a pawn for crime lords to hire for their grunt work. But her latest task turned out to be more than she bargained for. Now she’s on the run from an undercover government agent. But she’s about to find out he doesn’t want to arrest her; he wants to recruit her. And if Jill agrees, she may be part of one of the most unique crime fighting projects in history.

Healthy Grilled Chicken: 25 Easy Delicious Meals!Healthy Grilled Chicken: 25 Easy Delicious Meals!
by Kimberly Thomason
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It’s no secret that grilled chicken is one of the most health-conscious meals that you can put on the table for your family, but if you’re like many home chefs, you struggle to find ways to make this basic nutritious dish more appealing.

“Healthy Grilled Chicken: 25 Easy Delicious Meals!” was written with you in mind and features 25 dressed up grilled chicken dishes that are low in fat, cholesterol and calories, but deliver incredible flavor with every bite.

Specially formatted for the Kindle from an 56-page cookbook, this e-book contains recipes that were chosen especially for people whose busy lives don’t leave a lot of time for preparing dinner and for young adults who are just learning to cook for themselves.

Dream WarDream War
by Stephen Prosapio
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1980. Hector Lopez joins a CIA enterprise capable of entering dreams and extracting information. Lopez saves hundreds of hostages’ lives by dream-linking to terrorists and foiling their plans. When the Red Brigades, an Italian terrorist group, kidnaps a US General, Lopez and his team execute every technique available for extracting information–including one that links our world to a dimension never meant to be discovered.

Present Day. The Sogno di Guerra–a Red Brigades sect–plans the slaughter of millions. And they’ve the help of Luzveyn Dred, the entity ruling the dimension the CIA inadvertently opened a portal to–the Spatium Quartus.

Aided by an aging expatriate, a recovering alcoholic, and a mysterious girl, Lopez must overcome memories of past failures and defeat evil–in this world as well as in a dimension of nightmares.

[Save 58%] A Husband of Her Own by Brenda Novak

A Husband of Her OwnA Husband of Her Own
by Brenda Novak

Rebecca Wells desperately wants to overcome her reputation. She’s finally trying to put an end to her twenty-four-year rivalry with the perfect Josh Hill, a rivalry that began when she was a kid and the Hills moved in across the street. Great-looking, popular, a successful horse rancher, Josh is Dundee’s golden boy – and the son her father always wanted.

But even when her father insists they call a truce, it’s hard for Rebecca to drop her resentment of Josh. She refuses to acknowledge that she feels more for him than she’s ever let on. The man she loves to hate is also the man she’d hate to love!

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