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August 22, 2012

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The Winds of Moira TrilogyThe Winds of Moira Trilogy
by Lawrence Sylou-Creutz Ojermark


An epic fantasy adventure, combining all the elements one has come to expect from the genre. Evil threatening to overtake a mythical island, a lone heroine trained from birth, a prophecy, and a story filled with magic, adventure, battles, mystical beasts, all in a detailed and rich world.

What if a prophecy made over a millennium ago slipped beyond the boundaries of the land it had been made in, and slowly permeated the simple religions of an island far away?

Traveling the mythical lands of an ancient island known as Lemuria, a lone heroine stumbles upon the great city of Moira, where all the threads of an intricate web of an ancient prophecy threaten to trap her.

Using an iron-will, her mastery of the fighting arts, and her magik, the lone heroine must battle for her very survival as she struggles to uncover the layers of mystery that have swelled to permeate every aspect of her life and struggle to understand the depths of a quest she did not wish to complete.

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