Sunday Afternoon: 4 Free Kindle Books + 1 Hot Deal

September 9, 2012 · 26 comments

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Here are 4 More Free Kindle Books (and 1 Hot Deal) that we hope you enjoy today!

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The Do-Over (A Romantic Comedy)The Do-Over (A Romantic Comedy)
by Kathy Dunnehoff
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Just before her fortieth birthday, Mara Jane Mulligan, devoted wife and mother, runs out of bubble bath, and the ensuing panic attack drives her to Canada for more. She realizes that one foamy soak probably won’t cure what ails her, so she takes a 30 day vacation from her life. (What woman doesn’t need one of those?)

Surely her family will understand. Her son’s visiting Grandma, and maybe her husband won’t even miss her. Unfortunately, her husband doesn’t miss much and tracks her to Abundance, a Vancouver bubble bath company.

As her 30 days sail by, Mara Jane Mulligan discovers she has a decision to make that even Dorothy couldn’t avoid… Will she click her heels for home or kick them up for good?

Life Of An OutlawLife Of An Outlaw
by Shafeeq Qaasim
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A story of struggle about the life of Napoleon a founding member of hip hop’s lengendary rap group The Outlawz put together by the late rap star Tupac Shakur.

A turbulent story of an Outlaw drowning in fortune and fame, finding faith down a narrow path filled with death, pain, sorrow and wealth. Be inspired and motivated by the story of one man’s quest for change.

Silicon SuccessionSilicon Succession
by Jason Hoult
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Silicon Succession centres around one man’s thrilling journey of discovery into true identity in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Iain has woken up to find the sky has turned red and does not know the meaning behind it. This marks the beginning of a series of bizarre events in the modern world that seem to draw him deeper into a web of intrigue that has global consequences. Unseen forces are making a play to reshape the structure of society. It seems Iain has a definite role to play in this. Does he have a choice and can he influence the outcome?

Johnny B. Fast: The Super SpyJohnny B. Fast: The Super Spy
by Tom Doganoglu
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Johnny Clunker was an awkward and shy boy who kept mostly to himself. But when the school day ended, Johnny Clunker became Johnny B. Fast, a super spy who worked with Department X to thwart the evils of the world.

Utilizing super technology so advanced that it seems like magic, Johnny and his friends battle the United Order, a ruthless organization trying to acquire the Super Chip – a computer processor so powerful it can virtually hold the world’s technology hostage.

When one of his fellow classmates, Nancy Korrins, is also revealed to be a super spy who was trained by the world’s most deadly and advanced agent, Johnny has his hands full trying to figure out if he can trust her to help him capture the Super Chip, or if he has to fight her as his greatest rival.

[Save 63%] Big City, Bad Blood by Sean Chercover

Big City, Bad BloodBig City, Bad Blood
by Sean Chercover

A disillusioned newspaper reporter turned private detective, Ray Dudgeon isn’t trying to save the world. He just wants to do an honest job, and do it well. But when doing an honest job threatens society’s most powerful and corrupt, Ray’s odds for survival make for a sucker’s bet…

If he does the right thing, Ray is sure to die. But if he doesn’t, how can he live with himself?

From the back alleys of Chicago to the man-sions of Beverly Hills to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., Sean Chercover’s Big City, Bad Blood propels readers relentlessly forward on a bullet-fast, adrenaline-pumping ride they will not soon forget.

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