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Here are 6 More Free Kindle Books you will want to snap up tonight!

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The Girl with the Cat TattooThe Girl with the Cat Tattoo
by Anne Frasier
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Theresa Weir’s first romance in thirteen years!

For cat lovers everywhere, this sweet, quirky, and delightful romance is about a young woman and her matchmaking cat.

A little bit of mystery, a whole lot of whimsy.

Divas of Damascus RoadDivas of Damascus Road
by Michelle Stimpson
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After being blamed for her baby sister’s death, Dianne Rucker swore she’d never come back to Dentonville, Texas. But her Aunt Gloria, who took her in after the accident, is getting remarried. Going back home means Dianne must face her own demons as well as a drug-addicted mother who is now falling even farther into schizophrenia.

But Dianne isn’t the only one struggling. Her two cousins must come to terms with their own issues after having grown up in this dysfunctional family of women. And Aunt Gloria may be hiding the biggest skeletons of all.

The women must look to their faith in God as they attempt to turn their lives around like Saul on the Biblical road to Damascus.

Guns: Book One in the John Hardin SeriesGuns: Book One in the John Hardin Series
by Phil Bowie
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Sam Bass is tall and lanky, loves old western movies, wears cowboy boots and drives a beat-up Jeep Wrangler. He has a gorgeous girlfriend, Valerie, a Cherokee widow with a young son, and he’s a hot shot pilot. A hot shot pilot with a past. When Sam makes a daring and dangerous rescue of a couple lost at sea in a storm, he gets publicity he definitely doesn’t need. The Cowboy, as he’s known in certain circles, has finally been located and a hit team is dispatched to take care of unfinished business…

Ding Dong the Diva's DeadDing Dong the Diva’s Dead
by Cat Melodia
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Deborah de Lille is an opera singer—in the least grand sense. Debbie doesn’t foresee a future beyond Handel Messiahs and low-budget tours… until her agent finagles her a minor role with a small-town company. The artists assembled for this production of Offenbach’s spooky opera, Tales of Hoffmann, have more than opera on their minds. Their games of love are not for the faint of heart, and the cutthroat atmosphere may have become literal. How far are they willing to go to advance their careers and even the score?

The singer Debbie replaced died under suspicious circumstances, and after another minor player bows out suddenly, she is also given her role. Now she has two small roles that no one in their right mind would kill for. So, either someone isn’t in their right mind, or the close calls threatening Debbie’s safety are all unlucky coincidences. Add to the mix three preening tenors, a sexy lesbian director, a vengeful conductor, an obscenely rich and Hollywood-handsome general director, a fading Italian pop star, a trio of bitchy leading sopranos, an ambitious understudy, countless attention-starved underlings, an anti-opera terrorist group, a resident ghost, and Debbie’s kooky and dysfunctional friends and family, and you have an opening night that promises to genuinely thrill and chill.

Escape From Mount MoriahEscape From Mount Moriah
by Jack Engelhard
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The adventures of ‘Tom Sawyer’ with an ironic, Yiddish twist.”

The adventurous, humorous, sometimes wonderfully strange exploits of a youth during his family’s adjustment to a new world, these compelling boyhood memories are of an almost Tom Sawyer character, albeit with ironic Yiddish twists.

Fleeing from the Nazi invasion of France, the Engelhards, a proud and wealthy family, are forced to adjust to life as common refugees in Canada.

Highlighted by a youth’s adventures as his eyes open up to his new world, the eighteen compelling short stories combine both the urgency of the family’s circumstances with the ironic side of trying to fit into a new culture.

With themes of humiliation, intimidation, and alienation, this powerful book illustrates how the Holocaust did not end in 1945, but continued to reverberate through successive decades, even until the present day.

by Quiana
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Ramae is a 39 year old wife and mother of three, with everything a woman can ask for. She has a loving family, a comfortable home, and a career that adds stability to her life. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to satisfy her needs. The aging beauty and her husband Jay, have grown distant in the bedroom. He can not keep up with her increasing sex drive, which leads her taste buds to some forbidden fruit. The much younger Makai, 22, enters Ramae’s life introducing her to a lifestyle that she had never had, but everything that glitters ain’t gold. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Or should Ramae just play in the yard from time to time? Step into Ramae’s life and witness how she has Fallen in love, Fallen in lust, and Fallen apart.

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