Book of the Day

When Green Beret Lieutenant James N. Rowe was captured in 1963 in Vietnam, his life became more than a matter of staying alive. He struggled every day to maintain faith in himself as a soldier and in his country as it appeared to be turning against him. His story is gripping. His survival is testimony to the disciplined human spirit.

When Jennifer Worth went to work as a midwife in the direst section of postwar London, she not only delivered hundreds of babies, she also became the neighborhood’s most vivid chronicler. Though these are stories of unimaginable hardship, what shines through each is the resilience of the human spirit and the strength, courage, and humor of people determined to build a future for themselves against the odds.

Catherine Grace, the quick-witted, stubborn, preacher’s daughter, spends every Saturday afternoon at the Dairy Queen plotting her escape from the one stoplight town of Ringgold, Georgia. But when tragedy strikes, Catherine learns that sometimes you have to return to the place where you began to arrive at the place where you belong…