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Jigsaw Words Volume 2 (A Free Word Game for Kindle)

Jigsaw Words Volume 2 (A Free Word Game for Kindle) by Amazon Digital Services Jigsaw Words Volume 2 is a word game that challenges you to combine groups of letters into words that match the clues given. This update to the popular Jigsaw Words gives you 100 new puzzles and each puzzle has 10 clues […]

Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles

Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles by Amazon Digital Services Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles is a logic puzzle game that challenges you to make a picture from numerical clues. This sequel to the popular Pixel Perfect Puzzles gives you 50 new holiday and winter themed pictures to reveal. Each clue tells you where to draw a run […]

Word Quest

Word Quest by Compulab Have fun solving Word Search puzzles on Kindle! The objective of Word Search is to find words hidden in a grid full of letters. Words are placed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, and can even be spelled out backwards. The words you are looking for are shown at the bottom of the […]