True Crime

Ann Rule was working on the biggest story of her career, tracking the trail of victims left by a brutal serial killer. Little did this future best-selling author know that the savage slayer she was hunting was the young man she counted among her closest friends. Rule gives a chilling and intimate description of her time working alongside the then charming and sensitive Ted Bundy, and the devastating realization that he was a brutal killer hiding in plain sight.

A gripping story that takes you on the journey of a child abuse and sexual assault survivor turned activist. When Misty Griffin was six years old, her family started to live and dress like the Amish. Misty and her sister were kept as slaves on a mountain ranch and subjected to almost complete isolation, sexual abuse, and extreme physical violence…

Contemporary Fiction, Mystery, True Crime, Thriller, Humor, Historical Romance, Fantasy, Action & Adventure… today’s featured books have a little something for everyone!

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