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Here is a collection of 6 Free Kindle Books and 2 Hot Deals that you will want to snap up today!

For non-U.S. readers, Kindle content availability and pricing will vary.

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Fallen AngelFallen Angel
by Mona Ingram
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Laura MacLeod doesn’t need an intervention to know she’s in trouble. A paediatric nurse on an oncology ward, she has seen her share of suffering. But when tragedy touches her personally, she falls apart and accepts help in the form of pain killers. She becomes rapidly addicted, and her downward spiral is humiliating as well as life-changing. Fresh from rehab, she travels to the Okanagan Valley, where she has agreed to perform menial work at a winery for several months.

F-18 fighter pilot Bradley Jamieson has witnessed the horrors of war in Afghanistan, resulting in the loss of his ability to speak. Weary from the aftermath of war, he accepts his friend’s invitation to visit his winery. Unable to understand how a beautiful woman like Laura could throw away her life by taking drugs, he is determined to avoid her. But the more he sees of this gentle woman, the more he’s attracted to her.

The summer sun isn’t the only thing generating heat in the valley. Laura and Bradley battle their their growing attraction for one another while fighting their inner demons. Can these two troubled souls find the peace they desire, or will reality bring them crashing back down to earth?

The Devil's Tide (Book 2)The Devil’s Tide (Book 2)
by Matt Tomerlin
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Hostage-turned-pirate Katherine Lindsay returns in this action-packed followup to The Devil’s Fire, and the last thing she wants is to go back to her mundane life in London.

A young pirate narrowly avoids the gallows when the governor of the Bahamas enlists his aid in bringing Lindsay to justice. A pirate hunter returns to his old ways, with the demons of his past swiftly following his trail. A beautiful strumpet falls in league with Blackbeard, witnessing his despicable crimes firsthand, before she becomes a pawn in his schemes.

Colorful new characters are introduced, survivors of the first book return, and a few real historical pirates appear, such as Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane, and the infamous Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard. The Devil’s Tide is teeming with adventure, romance, humor, and no shortage of action. As all sides spiral toward a fiery climax, nothing is at it seems, and the odds are in favor of death.

Black CokeBlack Coke
by James Grenton
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Deep in the jungles of Colombia, a brutal and fast-growing drugs cartel has genetically-modified cocaine to make it ten times more powerful and addictive than any other drug. They call it Black Coke.

Nathan Kershner is an agent with the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency and a former special forces operative. Often working undercover, he has single-handedly brought down some of the most wanted criminals in the world.

But when he clashes with the drugs cartel and tries to stem the flow of Black Coke into Europe and the US, he finds himself up against his most difficult assignment yet.

With the drugs cartel growing in power by the day, Nathan has to decide just how far he is prepared to go to avert disaster.

Phantom PleasuresPhantom Pleasures
by Julie Leto
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When hotshot hotel developer Alexa Chandler finally finds the perfect property for her next luxury resort, she has no idea of the black magic she’s about to unleash. Thanks to vivid tales from the locals, no one has breached the shores of the mysterious island or entered the abandoned castle that is its centerpiece in recent memory. But once inside, Alexa discovers another mystery – the portrait of a dark and brooding nobleman.

With a single touch, Alexa unleashes a phantom who has been trapped within the canvas for over two hundred years.

Contained by a gypsy curse, Damon Forsyth has had centuries to think of nothing but revenge and retribution until intense desire draws the beautiful Alexa to his lair. Though free of the painting, he is still bound to the castle. Only by using the dark magic that enslaves him can he initiate a game of seduction that will end with his freedom – and her undoing.

Unable to resist, Alexa surrenders to Damon’s ghostly touch. But will she thwart the magic that holds Damon in thrall…or sacrifice her own mortality in the name of love?

Why Presidents WinWhy Presidents Win
by Hal Hansen
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A unique contribution to the study of modern campaigning, Why Presidents Win is an invaluable viewer’s guide for anyone watching this year’s presidential race and wondering what to expect on election day.

Why do some presidents captivate the nation and become popular and even beloved figures, while other presidents are reviled or forgotten?

It’s often said that “politics is theater,” but we rarely stop to consider the full meaning of this phrase. If politics is indeed a theatrical activity, then why don’t we study the performances of politicians using the same analytical tools we use to evaluate the performances of actors in a movie or stageplay?

As the finish line for this year’s race finally comes into view, and the nation tunes in to the performances of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, what could we learn by comparing them to some of the best (and worst) campaign performances of the last five decades?

A carefully researched argument presented in a lively and engaging style, Why Presidents Win is required reading for any citizen struggling to make sense of this year’s election, and wanting something more interesting than conventional political analysis.

Thrall (Daughters Of Lilith)Thrall (Daughters Of Lilith)
by Jennifer Quintenz
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Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends, Royal and Cassie. Together they’re doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door. Suddenly Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But as her sixteenth birthday approaches, Braedyn discovers humankind is at war with the Lilitu, an ancient race of enticing demons that prey on human souls. Her father is a member of the Guard fighting against the Lilitu – and so are the new neighbors, including her crush, Lucas.

As her world starts to unravel at the seams, Braedyn learns the right answers aren’t always clear or easy. And as for “good” and “evil” – it all depends on how we choose to act.

[Save 92%] Bouquet Toss (Love of my Life #1)

Bouquet Toss (Love of my Life #1)Bouquet Toss (Love of my Life #1)
by Melissa Brown

Ever since Daphne Harper graduated from college, all of her friends have fallen in love, become engaged and walked down the aisle. Be it a blessing or a curse, Daphne (a hopeless romantic and perpetual single girl) catches the bouquet at every single wedding she attends.

Daphne’s love life is a mess. Her first love, Mayson, haunts her heart and keeps her from pursuing happiness with any man who comes along. As she struggles to move on from the one who got away, Daphne wonders if she will ever break her curse and find her happily ever after.

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[Save 79%] The Heretic’s Daughter

The Heretic's DaughterThe Heretic’s Daughter
by Kathleen Kent

Martha Carrier was one of the first women to be accused, tried and hanged as a witch in Salem, Massachusetts.

Like her mother, young Sarah Carrier is bright and willful, openly challenging the small, brutal world in which they live. Often at odds with one another, mother and daughter are forced to stand together against the escalating hysteria of the trials and the superstitious tyranny that led to the torture and imprisonment of more than 200 people accused of witchcraft. This is the story of Martha’s courageous defiance and ultimate death, as told by the daughter who survived.

Author Kathleen Kent is a tenth generation descendent of Martha Carrier. She paints a haunting portrait, not just of Puritan New England, but also of one family’s deep and abiding love in the face of fear and persecution.

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