Kindle Unlimited – Pixel Picks: Issue 6

January 9, 2017

in Kindle Unlimited

Got Kindle Unlimited?

Not sure where to start? That’s OK, we’ve got you covered! Here are some hand-selected Kindle Books currently in KU for you to enjoy.

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All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) Gemma ditches her high-flying job and returns to Oxford to follow her dream: opening a traditional English tearoom serving warm buttery scones with jam and clotted cream…

Only problem is – murder is the first thing on the menu and Gemma is the key suspect!

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Split Second What if you found a way to send something back in time? Not weeks, days, or even minutes back, but just a fraction of a second.

Before Nathan can even confirm his findings, he and his fiancée, Jenna, find themselves in a battle for their lives. Because while time travel to an instant earlier seems useless, Jenna comes to learn that no capability in history has ever been more profound or far-reaching.

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Alaska Wild From the first moment I see Mason Boone, I can’t take my eyes off him. Everyone’s got a different story about the gorgeous, silent man in chains. He’s a hero, a former Navy SEAL. He’s a fugitive, on his way to a court martial.

But when our plane crashes deep in the Alaskan wilderness, Mason becomes my only hope. I’m an FBI agent and he’s a prisoner, but to survive the wild animals, fierce weather and unforgiving terrain, I must put my faith in him….

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Things We Once Held Dear Neil and Mary’s once-close relationship hadn’t been strong enough to survive the tragedy that overtook Mary’s family. Now Neil returns to his hometown, yet what drove them apart years ago seems to be drawing them back together.

But Neil is struggling to recover from a more recent loss. Yet the mystery…

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Burned by Magic (The Baine Chronicles Book 1) Sunaya, a shifter-mage hybrid, has managed to keep her unruly magic under wraps for the last 24 years. But while chasing down a shifter-hunting serial killer, she loses control of her magic in front of witnesses, drawing the attention of the dangerous and enigmatic Chief Mage…

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