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January 9, 2017

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue Four stunning and happy brides — all ready to say “I Do” — are all hiding secrets that could destroy their hopes and dreams for the future.

As their fairy tale weddings draw near, will all four brides make it down the aisle to their happily ever afters?

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The Three-Year Swim Club: The Untold Story of Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids and Their Quest for Olympic Glory An inspirational, untold story of impoverished children who transformed themselves into world-class swimmers will delight fans of Unbroken and The Boys in the Boat.

A schoolteacher on the island of Maui challenged a group of poverty-stricken sugar plantation kids to swim upstream against the current of their circumstance. The goal? To become Olympians.

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The Girl Who Chased the Moon Two very different women discover how to find their place in the world—no matter how out of place they feel.

Emily has come to Mullaby, North Carolina hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother’s life. But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew…

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Classified (Godmothers Book 6) Toots and Phil are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but after being widowed eight times, Toots is reluctant– and she has other problems. Two young children, last seen in Toot’s bakery, have gone missing. Finding the missing kids proves more complicated and dangerous than The Godmothers ever imagined…

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You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises From an elite Special Operations physical trainer, an ingeniously simple, rapid-results, do-anywhere program for getting into amazing shape.

Forget about gym memberships, free weights, and infomercial contraptions. They are all poor substitutes for the world’s most advanced fitness machine, the one thing you are never without: your own body.

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Riding High When Gia’s boyfriend—make that ex-boyfriend—steals millions with an epic Ponzi scheme, Gia is promptly run out of town. It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit an old dream—one that apparently involves naked cowboys.

Flynn didn’t expect anyone to walk in on him showering at the empty ranch where his family’s cattle have always grazed. Even more surprising…

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Adrenaline Sam Capra is a brilliant young CIA agent living the life of his dreams. He and his wife Lucy have everything they could hope for… until they lose it all in one horrifying moment.

On a bright, sunny day, Sam receives a call from Lucy while he’s at work. She tells him to leave the building immediately. He does — just before it explodes, killing everyone inside…

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The Cold Between: A Central Corps Novel Deep in the stars, a young officer and her lover are plunged into a murder mystery and a deadly conspiracy. When her crewmate, Danny, is murdered on the colony of Volhynia, Central Corps chief engineer Commander Elena Shaw is shocked to learn the main suspect is her lover. She knows he is innocent – he was with her when Danny was killed. So who is the real killer, and why are the cops framing an innocent man?

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Suddenly One Summer Divorce lawyer Victoria Slade has seen enough unhappy endings to swear off marriage forever. That doesn’t mean she’s opposed to casual dating—just not with her cocky new neighbor, who is as gorgeous and tempting as he is off-limits. But once she…

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Wishful Drinking Intimate, hilarious, and sobering, Wishful Drinking is Carrie Fisher’s first-ever memoir, adapted from her one-woman Broadway hit show. Fisher reveals what it was really like to grow up a product of “Hollywood in-breeding,” come of age on the set of a little movie called Star Wars, and become a cultural icon and bestselling action figure at the age of nineteen.

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A Mother's Choice: A gripping story of love, friendship, and family secrets For thirty years, Nadine Kingsley has kept a heart-wrenching secret. When a letter arrives threatening to reveal the truth that could destroy her tight-knit family, Nadine embarks on a difficult journey to explain her painful decision, especially to her youngest daughter, Autumn…

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The Senator: A Blake Jordan Thriller Just as Senator Keller is set to receive his party’s nomination for President of the United States, a kidnapper initiates a plan to stream his execution for the world to see. Ex-Navy SEAL and federal agent Blake Jordan sets out to rescue his friend and mentor along with his partner. Can Blake stop the kidnapper before it’s too late?

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