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Christmas at the Inn on Bluebell Lane: An absolutely gorgeous heart-warming Christmas read As the snow begins to fall and the lights twinkle, Ellie realizes Christmas has finally come to the Inn on Bluebell Lane. But as she watches the guests arrive, she hopes this won’t be her family’s last winter in this magical place…

It’s been two years since Ellie and her family left their lives in America behind and moved to a small Welsh village to run her husband’s family inn. Having fought to save it from disrepair, Ellie is shocked when her sister-in-law, Sarah, breaks the news that the inn is facing financial trouble and might have to close after Christmas, a thought that breaks all their hearts.

Turning to her mother-in-law, Ellie sees tears sparkling in Gwen’s eyes. But then Ellie has an idea: a celebratory Christmas week for guests and locals with all the festive trimmings — an unforgettable experience, and her family’s last chance to save the inn.

But there are troubles ahead no one could expect. And as Bluebell Lane twinkles against the frost, Ellie marvels that the inn has never looked prettier. But will it be enough to save this beautiful place her family has grown to love?

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Who Slayed The Santas? (Juniper Holiday Cozy Mystery Book 3) Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

It’s Christmas in the Holiday Mansion and Juniper has this years party gift-wrapped and under the tree!

Christmas at the Holiday mansion is always a festive affair. The residents of Crescent Cove look forward to Juniper’s yard decorations almost as much as an invitation to one of her parties—and this year everyone has been invited. What could possibly go wrong with a mansion full of people and non-humans?

Murder of the ho-ho-ho variety, that’s what. Santa’s not so jolly anymore and Juniper can’t help but be suspicious of Mrs. Claus. Detective Mallard is convinced one of the elves is responsible. Victoria thinks it was an accident. Nobody can be sure, however, because there was no witness—not even the ghosts saw what happened.

Juniper is determined to discover the murderer before Christmas Day, which doesn’t give her much time. Will she manage, or will Santa’s murderer go free to sleigh again?

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Horns: A Novel Over 4,000 5-Star Reviews!

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, Joe Hill’s Horns is a dark, funny exploration of love, grief, and the nature of good and evil.

A twisted, terrifying new novel of psychological and supernatural suspense, Horns is a devilishly original triumph for the Ray Bradbury Fellowship recipient whose story collection, 20th Century Ghosts, was also honored with a Bram Stoker Award – and whose emotionally powerful and macabre work has been praised by the New York Times as, “wild, mesmerizing, perversely witty…a Valentine from hell.”

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Miss Janie's Girls Over 7,500 5-Star Reviews!

A bittersweet reunion becomes a time for looking back and starting over in a heartwarming new novel from New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown.

Miss Janie is at the end of a long and full life, but she has no intention of crossing that finish line until she’s found her girls…

It’s been ten years since Teresa and Kayla shook off the dust of Birthright, Texas, went their separate ways, and never looked back. Apart from their foster mom, Miss Janie, they don’t have many fond memories of their hometown. Or of each other. Still, neither can forget the kind woman who opened her home and heart to two teenagers in need.

When a private investigator—who just happens to be Miss Janie’s handsome nephew—tracks them both down and tells them Miss Janie is dying, Teresa and Kayla know deep down that they’ve got to be there for her as she had been there for them.

With Teresa and Kayla together again under the same roof, old tensions may flare, but with Miss Janie’s help, they might rediscover that home is the perfect place for new beginnings.

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Witness in Death (In Death, Book 10) Over 4,900 5-Star Reviews!

When a famous thespian is killed right before her eyes, New York detective Eve Dallas takes a new place in crime as both officer and witness to murder in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling In Death series.

The opening night of the revival of Agatha Christie’s "Witness for the Prosecution" at New York’s New Globe Theater turns from stage scene to crime scene when the leading man is stabbed to death right on center stage.

Now Eve Dallas has a high-profile celebrity homicide on her hands. Not only is she lead detective, she’s also a witness—and when the press discovers that her husband owns the theater, there’s more media spotlight than either can handle. The only way out is to move fast. Question everyone and everything…and in the meantime, try to tell the difference between the truth—and really good acting…

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Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

A new, fascinating account of the life of Agatha Christie from celebrated literary and cultural historian Lucy Worsley.

"Nobody in the world was more inadequate to act the heroine than I was."

Why did Agatha Christie spend her career pretending that she was “just” an ordinary housewife, when clearly she wasn’t? Her life is fascinating for its mysteries and its passions and, as Lucy Worsley says, "She was thrillingly, scintillatingly modern." She went surfing in Hawaii, she loved fast cars, and she was intrigued by the new science of psychology, which helped her through devastating mental illness.

So why—despite all the evidence to the contrary—did Agatha present herself as a retiring Edwardian lady of leisure?

She was born in 1890 into a world that had its own rules about what women could and couldn’t do. Lucy Worsley’s biography is not just of a massively, internationally successful writer. It’s also the story of a person who, despite the obstacles of class and gender, became an astonishingly successful working woman.

With access to personal letters and papers that have rarely been seen, Lucy Worsley’s biography is both authoritative and entertaining and makes us realize what an extraordinary pioneer Agatha Christie was—truly a woman who wrote the twentieth century.

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Her Every Fear: A Novel Over 1,300 5-Star Reviews!

The author of the wildly popular The Kind Worth Killing returns with an electrifying psychological thriller involving a young woman caught in a vise of voyeurism, betrayal, manipulation, and murder.

The danger isn’t all in your head…

Growing up, Kate Priddy was always a bit neurotic, experiencing momentary bouts of anxiety that exploded into full blown panic attacks after an ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and nearly ended her life. When Corbin Dell, a distant cousin in Boston, suggests the two temporarily swap apartments, Kate, an art student in London, agrees, hoping that time away in a new place will help her overcome the recent wreckage of her life.

But soon after her arrival at Corbin’s grand apartment on Beacon Hill, Kate makes a shocking discovery: his next-door neighbor, a young woman named Audrey Marshall, has been murdered…

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Breaking the Pattern: The 5 Principles You Need to Remodel Your Life Ever get the sense that you’re reliving the same events, arguments, and frustrations again and again? Does your relationship, job, or diet always begin full of hope, but, somehow, fail to work out in the end?

In Breaking the Pattern, nutrition and public health advocate Dr. Charles Platkin synthesizes years of research in psychology, motivation, success, and achievement into the “The 5 Principles You Need to Remodel Your Life,” helping readers take action in those areas where they feel stuck or doomed to repeat negative experiences.

Through a series of self-reflective exercises, Platkin encourages readers to examine their successes and failures, identifying, analyzing, and finally breaking the very patterns that have kept them from realizing their dreams.

By incorporating inspirational quotes and stories throughout the book, Platkin creates a positive, healing environment in which even the most self-doubting reader can gain the support and motivation necessary to begin to change his or her life for the better.

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MURDER UNDER THE MISTLETOE an utterly gripping cozy murder mystery full of twists (Maybridge Murder Mysteries Book 2) Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

Abby Finch arrives at the old church hall armed with festive mistletoe and holly, ready to decorate. But within moments of her walking through the door, tragedy strikes…

Edward Marsh reaches to test the antique star at the top of the tree. There’s a fizz and the lights go out.

Abby hears the sickening thud of a body hitting the floor. When the lights turn back on, Edward is dead.

It soon becomes clear it was no accident.

The real victim should have been Gregory Tatton. Dapper silver fox. Popular with the ladies of the seniors’ lunch club. A known blackmailer…

Abby is desperate to find out the truth, but putting herself in danger isn’t on her Christmas wish list.

Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Who’s hiding the fact they’re a murderer?

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Christmas at Holly Berry Cottage: A Brother's Best Friend Romance (Sugarplum Falls Romances Book 1) Over 600 5-Star Reviews!

A dreaded holiday wedding, Christmas duets, and dating the off-limits crush.

Math-wiz Chelsea and her brother’s best friend Wyatt are two-thirds of the well-loved Christmas Tree-O. She’s always had a thing for Wyatt, but he’s been declared off-limits by her overprotective brother.

This year, however, brother is out of town, and Wyatt is showing some clear interest.
When Chelsea needs a date to her meanest cousin’s wedding—to Chelsea’s jerk-ex-boyfriend—Wyatt is the clear option.

But a romance could endanger the friendship and their singing group’s dynamic—not to mention risk both families’ disapproval.

Christmas at Holly Berry Cottage is a small town clean romance with holiday music and flutter-inducing kisses by USA Today bestselling clean romance author Jennifer Griffith.

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The Christmas Cabin: A Sweet Small Town Holiday Romance (Blue Moon Bay Book 5) Over 900 5-Star Reviews!

A humorous holiday mix-up that will make you smile and leave you knowing that anything is possible when it comes to love.

Harper is a no-nonsense divorce lawyer whose last-minute vacation is accidentally double-booked with optimistic divorce lawyer Gabriel, who just sabotaged her client’s case.

From a New York Times bestselling author, discover how opening your heart can make your dreams come true in The Christmas Cabin.

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Not My Romeo: A Frenemies to Lovers Small Town Romance (Clover Park, Book 6) Escape into this hilarious feel-good romance with family rivalries, scorching chemistry, and a very happy ending in this USA Today bestselling series.

Confirmed bachelor Vince Marino wants nothing more than to win the Clover Park Library project and earn partner in his father’s construction company. But a last-minute bid by Sophia Capello, the jaw-dropping daughter of his father’s lifelong rival, throws Vince out of the running.

Sophia has to get Capello Construction back on track after her father left them near bankruptcy. Except she’s way out of her league in the construction world, which is why she takes a big risk and proposes a partnership with the hotheaded and handsome Vince. After she wins the project.

Vince’s cockiness combined with Sophia’s determination forges an alliance filled with explosive and tempting tension. But what will happen when Vince, who doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, discovers Sophia has never truly experienced passion? Will he stick to his rule and protect everything he’s worked so hard for? Or will he find the temptation of showing Sophia what she’s been missing too much?

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On a Snowy NightOn a Snowy Night by Debbie Macomber

📚 2-Books-in-1 📚
Over 700 5-Star Reviews!

`Tis the season for love in these two classic Christmas stories from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.


More than ten years ago, high-school sweethearts Noelle McDowell and Thomas Sutton planned to elope—but then he jilted her. This Christmas, Noelle is home to celebrate the holidays, and she and Thom discover they are still in love. Now only the decades-old rivalry between their mothers stands in the way of a second chance together.


It’s a month before Christmas and Jenna Campbell is flying to Alaska to marry a man she met online—until her seatmate takes it upon himself to change her plans. Which is how Jenna ends up stranded in tiny Snowbound, Alaska, alone with Reid Jamison (plus a bunch of eccentric old men and a few grizzly bears). And then there’s a blizzard… Maybe she’ll be a Christmas bride after all!

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A Winter Wedding at Starcross Manor: The BRAND NEW winter holiday read for 2023! (Love Heart Lane, Book 12) Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what…

Fashion designer Libby Carter has always loved weddings, so when her brother finds himself in a bind and asks her to step in and plan the perfect winter wonderland wedding for guests at his hotel, Starcross Manor, she happily takes on the challenge. But this is no ordinary Christmas wedding and when everything starts to go awry Libby asks gorgeous videographer Guy Hart for help.

This isn’t single dad Guy’s usual gig – and he is not a fan of weddings – but saying no to vivacious Libby isn’t an option … especially when saying yes leads to one very unforgettable kiss under the mistletoe!

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Booked for Homicide: A Shelf Indulgence Cozy Mystery Over 450 5-Star Reviews!

When a rare book order leads me right to a homicide, somehow I’m the one investigating…

I’m Dakota Adair, owner of Tattered Pages, a bookstore specializing in cool and quirky books. I inherited a grumpy Persian cat named Poppy who loves to make her displeasure known around the store … loudly. Things are good until I deliver a special order only to stumble over a body. Suddenly all eyes are on me. Now I have a handsome detective and an annoying reporter on my tail, hounding me about the case.

All I want to do is crack open my favorite paperback, grab a cup of coffee, and chill, but with a murderer out there and suspicion falling on me, I have to do a lot more than read. I have to find out whodunnit and quick before I become the next subject of a murder mystery…

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MARRIED TO A STRANGER an unputdownable psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist (Totally Gripping Psychological Thrillers) Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews!

On her honeymoon, she’s attacked by a masked man with an axe. Is her new husband trying to kill her?

Twenty-six-year-old Emma Hollis is about to marry David, the hot guy who swept her off her feet in just four months.

She feels like life couldn’t be more perfect, with a job she loves as a teen counselor, a man who’s crazy about her, and a baby on the way.

Emma and David promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives in a beautiful ceremony at a quaint country inn.

The newlyweds honeymoon in an idyllic cabin in the woods. It should be the perfect escape. But how well does she really know David?

Emma has no idea that her dream is about to turn into her worst nightmare. Soon she’ll be fighting for her life.

Are you ready to stay up all night wondering… is the man she loves trying to kill her?

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In My Dreams I Hold a Knife: A Novel Over 2,600 5-Star Reviews!

Six friends. One college reunion. One unsolved murder.

Ten years after graduation, Jessica Miller has planned her triumphant return to her southern, elite Duquette University, down to the envious whispers that are sure to follow in her wake. Everyone is going to see the girl she wants them to see—confident, beautiful, indifferent. Not the girl she was when she left campus, back when Heather Shelby’s murder fractured everything, including the tight bond linking the six friends she’d been closest to since freshman year.

But not everyone is ready to move on. Not everyone left Duquette ten years ago, and not everyone can let Heather’s murder go unsolved. Someone is determined to trap the real killer, to make the guilty pay.

When the six friends are reunited, they will be forced to confront what happened that night—and the years’ worth of secrets each of them would do anything to keep hidden…

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The Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook: 100 Delicious No-Fuss Meals for Busy People Over 1,600 5-Star Reviews!

Take dinner off of your to-do list with The Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook!

Fitting cooking into your busy schedule can seem next to impossible when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen just to serve your family a home-cooked meal. With 101 “Prep-and-Set” recipes that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare, The Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook makes weeknight dinners a breeze.

The Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook contains:

  • 101 Quick and Easy Recipes that need only 5 main ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare
  • One Pot Meals for full meals without the hassle of side dishes
  • Nutritious and Delicious Recipes with labels for low-calorie, low-sodium, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and vegetarian dishes

Recipes in this slow cooker cookbook include: Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal, French Toast Casserole, Mexican Corn Chowder, Chicken and Pesto Soup, Vegetarian Chili, Beef Stroganoff, Ratatouille, Coconut Curry with Vegetables, Honey-Garlic Chicken, Turkey Cassoulet, Beef Brisket, Smoky Pulled Pork, Banana Bread, Dulce de Leche, and much more!

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The Burning Girls: A Novel Over 3,500 5-Star Reviews!

An unconventional vicar must exorcise the dark past of a remote village haunted by death and disappearances in this explosive and unsettling thriller.

A dark history lingers in Chapel Croft. Five hundred years ago, Protestant martyrs were betrayed—then burned. Thirty years ago, two teenage girls disappeared without a trace. And a few weeks ago, the vicar of the local parish hanged himself in the nave of the church.

Reverend Jack Brooks, a single parent with a fourteen-year-old daughter and a heavy conscience, arrives in the village hoping for a fresh start. Instead, Jack finds a town rife with conspiracies and secrets, and is greeted with a strange welcome package: an exorcism kit and a note that warns, “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known.”

The more Jack and daughter, Flo, explore the town and get to know its strange denizens, the deeper they are drawn into the age-old rifts, mysteries, and suspicions. And when Flo begins to see specters of girls ablaze, it becomes apparent there are ghosts here that refuse to be laid to rest.

Uncovering the truth can be deadly in a village with a bloody past, where everyone has something to hide and no one trusts an outsider.

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The Measure of Silence: A Novel Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

Two sisters fulfilling their grandfather’s dying wish uncover decades of secrets in a powerful novel about family, truth, and forgiveness.

Dallas, Dealey Plaza, 1963. Nineteen-year-old Mariah Byrne is following her dream of a career in photography. One moment she’s filled with joy and hope watching the president and Mrs. Kennedy drive past. In the next, the world—and Mariah’s life—is split into before and after. What follows, and the unconventional decisions Mariah makes, will affect her and her family forever.

Sixty years later, sisters Raine and Jessica grieve the death of their grandfather. For both his beloved grand girls, Papa leaves behind a last wish and an unexpected keepsake: the key to their grandmother Mariah’s hope chest. Explore its contents, he writes, and follow where they lead. But what secrets can their family history possibly hold?

Raine and Jessica unite to piece together the mystery of a past they never knew existed. But facts can’t reveal the whole story. With Mariah’s memories fading, the sisters struggle to understand her choices before the truth disappears forever.

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You or Someone Like You Over 1,400 5-Star Reviews!

Being an identical twin has its perks, but when my sister asked me to sub in for a date with Roman Bellisario, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Sure, he’s sinfully handsome and successful, but he also got me fired from my dream job three years ago.

This time, my sister’s promotion is riding on this date, so I have to say yes. And as it turns out, we’re strangely perfect for each other. I sell art. He collects it. We’re both obsessed with the same obscure, mysterious artist that most people don’t even know exists.

Roman is guarded, though, and I can understand why. He’s a widowed single dad. But as one date leads to another, he starts to let me in, and I can’t help but fall for him.

The problem is Roman still thinks I’m my sister. Is our twin swap going to be the best thing that ever happened to me and Roman—or the lie that tears us apart?

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The Roman Hat Mystery Over 300 5-Star Reviews!

A murder in a crowded Broadway theater presents a full house of suspects—the first in this classic mystery series starring Ellery Queen.

Despite the dismal Broadway season, Gunplay continues to draw crowds. A gangland spectacle, it’s packed to the gills with action, explosions, and gunfire. In fact, Gunplay is so loud that no one notices the killing of Monte Field. In a sold-out theater, Field is found dead partway through the second act, surrounded by empty seats.

The police hold the crowd and call for the one man who can untangle this daring murder: Inspector Richard Queen. With the help of his son Ellery, a bibliophile and novelist whose imagination can solve any crime, the Inspector attacks this seemingly impenetrable mystery.

Anyone in the theater could have killed the unscrupulous lawyer, and several had the motive. Only Ellery Queen, in his debut novel, can decipher the clue of the dead man’s missing top hat.

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Calamity Rayne Gets A Life: An Opposites Attract Billionaire Boss Romantic Comedy An awkward girl’s account of inexperience, sexual mishaps, and too much tequila…

Needing a change, Rayne Meyers—a.k.a. Calamity Rayne—sets out to be a personal assistant for one of the wealthiest families in the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Inexperienced with sophisticated settings, she does her best not to screw things up too severely, except there’s one complication she didn’t foresee—her boss’s devastatingly charming son, Hale Davenport.

Hale is everything Rayne is not–experienced, mature, and methodical. But when he meets his father’s new assistant, a woman nothing like the calculating females he’s used to, he is captivated and prepared to throw caution to the wind. Turns out, slightly awkward and sometimes silly sex might be exactly what his love life’s been missing and everything his heart didn’t see coming.

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Where You Go (A Kelly Cruz Mystery—Book One) Over 400 5-Star Reviews!

Bounty hunter Kelly Cruz, with her dark past, is as tough as they come, working solo given her aversion towards authority, living in a bad neighborhood with her rescue pitbull and refusing to take a fee.

But when a desperate father comes knocking with a one million dollar bounty, pleading with her to find his daughter, who he insists was taken by a serial killer, a case ignored by the FBI, Kelly can’t resist.

What follows is a non-stop action thriller, as Kelly must not only enter the mind of a diabolical killer and anticipate his every move, but use her fists and her ruthless, no-holds-barred approach to go places and use ruthless tactics that even the FBI wouldn’t dare…

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Her Christmas Rescue (Christmas Wishes Book 1) He’s a struggling single father. She doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. Trapped together for the holidays may give them what they both need: somewhere to belong.

When Livy Brown makes an impulsive decision to visit her sister for Christmas, she can’t predict her car will end up half-submerged in a river in the middle of a blizzard. Also impossible to predict is what happens next: she’s rescued by a bearded knight in shining armor driving a white Ford Ranger. Too bad his grumpy personality doesn’t match his heroic deed. Oh well, his lack of Christmas spirit is not her problem. As soon as he drops her off at a hotel, she’ll never see him again.

Jay Yates is in desperate need of a peaceful Christmas with his parents and daughter. Finding Livy by the side of the road freezing is not part of his plan. Neither is the attraction he feels toward her. The last thing he wants is a relationship, and he’ll do what he has to in order to keep his distance. When the hotels in Casper, Wyoming are full-up with all the other stranded travelers, there’s only one thing to do: take her home for the holidays.

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