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Art of the Chase (The Bostwicks of Trillium Bay Book 1) From a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling author comes a Gilded Age series, The Bostwicks of Trillium Bay.

Above the glistening waters of Trillium Bay, the majestic Imperial Hotel awaits its first guests. It’s the summer of 1888, and names like Carnegie, Astor, Pullman, and Bostwick line the premier resort’s registry as society’s elite gather on its grandiose front porch to see – and be seen.

But Chase Bostwick isn’t interested in being seen. As the second son of a wealthy financier, he’s only interested in work – in Chicago – so being tasked by his father to chaperone his wearisome mother and boisterous little sister during their Michigan summer holiday is Chase’s personal purgatory masquerading as paradise – for never was a man more ill-suited to leisure.

Emerson McKenna isn’t interested in being seen, either – but she does want her artistic talents to be noticed. As the illegitimate daughter of a renown portraitist more infamous for his romantic dalliances than for his work, Emerson has schemed her way into a position at the hotel teaching doe-eyed debutantes to paint. She says her goal is to commission enough portraits from the resort’s wealthy patrons to finance her dreams of studying in Paris.

But Chase has his suspicions…

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One Wrong Word: A Novel Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

One wrong word can ruin your life. And no one knows that better than savvy crisis management expert Arden Ward. Problem is, she’s now forced to handle a shocking crisis of her own…

Unfairly accused of having an affair with a powerful client, Arden’s life and dreams are about to crash and burn. Then, Arden is given an ultimatum. She has just two weeks to save her career and her reputation.

Is Cordelia Bannister the answer to her prayers?

Cordelia needs Arden’s help for her husband Ned, a Boston real estate mogul. Though he was recently acquitted in a fatal drunk driving accident, his reputation is ruined, and the fallout is devastating not only to the Bannisters’ lives, but the lives of their two adorable children.

Arden devotes her skill and determination—and maybe her final days on the job—to helping this shattered family, but soon, revelations begin to emerge about what really happened the night of the accident. And then—another car crash throws Ned back into the spotlight.

Gossip. Lies. Rumors. Words like that can hurt you. And Arden knows the reality. Sometimes one wrong word can kill.

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Tasting Sunlight Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

An extraordinary bond develops between an angry teenage runaway and a middle-aged woman running a large farm on her own, as they work the land and slowly heal.

Teenager Sally has just run away from a clinic where she to be treated for anorexia. She’s furious with everything and everyone and wants to be left in peace.

Liss is in her forties, living alone on a large farm that she runs single-handedly. She has little contact with the outside world and no need for other people.

From their first meeting, Sally realises that Liss isn’t like other adults; she expects nothing of Sally and simply accepts who she is, offering her a bed for the night with no questions asked.

That night becomes weeks and then months, as an unlikely friendship develops and these two damaged women slowly open up – connecting to each other, reconnecting with themselves, and facing the darkness in their pasts through their shared work on the land.

Achingly beautiful, profound, invigorating and uplifting, Tasting Sunlight is a story of friendship across generations, of love and acceptance, of the power of nature to heal and transform, and the goodness that surrounds us, if only we take time to see it…

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Shades of Grey: A Novel Over 1,800 5-Star Reviews!

The New York Times bestseller hailed as “a rich brew of dystopic fantasy and deadpan goofiness” from the author of Red Side Story.

Welcome to Chromatacia, where the societal hierarchy is strictly regulated by one’s limited color perception. In this world, you are what you can see. But Eddie Russet wants to move up. When he and his father relocate to the backwater village of East Carmine, his carefully cultivated plans to leverage his better-than-average red perception and marry into a powerful family are quickly upended.

Eddie must contend with lethal swans, sneaky Yellows, inviolable rules, an enforced marriage to the hideous Violet deMauve, and a risky friendship with an intriguing Grey named Jane who shows Eddie that the apparent peace of his world is as much an illusion as color itself. Will Eddie be able to tread the fine line between total conformity — accepting the path, partner, and career delineated by his hue —and his instinctive curiosity that is bound to get him into trouble?

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Conquest: A fake fiancée romantic comedy (The Four Groomsmen of the Wedpocalypse Book 1) Over 1,900 5-Star Reviews!

Amelia Darcy has absolutely no interest in pretending to be engaged to Leo St. James. He’s too arrogant, too charming, and altogether too handsome for a spreadsheet-loving she-grump like her.

And the thought of accompanying Leo to his company retreat while pretending to be in love with him in front of all his colleagues? No way.

Then Leo offers her a trade… He’ll help her break out of her shell—and make sure she finally finds a boyfriend of her own—if she’ll just play along with his scheme.

Four days. One fake engagement. Daily lessons in seduction delivered by an undeniable expert.

What could go wrong?

Well. The lessons could get practical, for one. A priceless ring could go missing from the boss’s fiancée’s finger. And Leo’s and Amelia’s lies could be exposed in the ensuing chaos.

But worst of all… Amelia could discover what Leo’s hiding beneath his dazzling smile and dizzying touch.

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Mrs. Dalloway: The Original 1925 Unabridged and Complete Edition (Virginia Woolf Classics) Mrs. Dalloway is Virginia Woolf’s best known novel. This landmark novel is a masterpiece. While the book seems to take place in a single day in the life of the eponymous Mrs. Dalloway, it is much more.

Mrs. Dalloway is preparing for a dinner party to be held that evening. As she goes about her day, her mind wanders to the people who will be attending her party and her relationship with them. Her husband, Richard Dalloway; Peter Walsh, a man she might have married instead; Sally Seton, a woman with whom she shared a forbidden kiss; Septimus Warren Smith, a man slowly sinking into madness.

The narrative focus shifts back and forth from Mrs. Dalloway to the characters who will be attending her dinner party in a groundbreaking stream of consciousness.

The dinner party, like the novel, is a success.

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The Dog Stars Over 4,800 5-Star Reviews!

In this "end-of-the-world novel more like a rapturous beginning," Hig somehow survived the flu pandemic that killed everyone he knows.

His gripping story is "an ode to friendship between two men…the strong bond between a human and a dog, and a reminder of what is worth living for" (Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

Hig’s wife is gone, his friends are dead, and he lives in the hangar of a small abandoned airport with his dog, Jasper, and a mercurial, gun-toting misanthrope named Bangley.

But when a random transmission beams through the radio of his 1956 Cessna, the voice ignites a hope deep inside him that a better life exists outside their tightly controlled perimeter. Risking everything, he flies past his point of no return and follows its static-broken trail, only to find something that is both better and worse than anything he could ever hope for.

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Downtown Owl: A Novel Now a major film! New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s top cultural critics Chuck Klosterman’s debut novel brilliantly captures the charm and dread of small-town life.

Somewhere in rural North Dakota, there is a fictional town called Owl. They don’t have cable. They don’t really have pop culture, but they do have grain prices and alcoholism. People work hard and then they die. But that’s not nearly as awful as it sounds; in fact, sometimes it’s perfect.

Mitch Hrlicka lives in Owl. He plays high school football and worries about his weirdness, or lack thereof. Julia Rabia just moved to Owl. A history teacher, she gets free booze and falls in love with a self-loathing bison farmer. Widower and local conversationalist Horace Jones has resided in Owl for seventy-three years. They all know each other completely, except that they’ve never met. But when a deadly blizzard—based on an actual storm that occurred in 1984—hits the area, their lives are derailed in unexpected and powerful ways.

An unpretentious, darkly comedic story of how it feels to exist in a community where local mythology and violent reality are pretty much the same thing, Downtown Owl is “a satisfying character study and strikes a perfect balance between the funny and the profound” (Publishers Weekly).

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The Goddess Effect: A Novel Over 1,600 5-Star Reviews!

All she wants is to be her best self. Is she ready? Absolutely. Does she know what to expect? Absolutely not.

Anita is over her life in New York: her dead-end job, tiny studio apartment, self-obsessed friends, and overbearing mom. So she moves west to Los Angeles in search of a new career, enlightenment, and that nebulous target…wellness.

She discovers an elite workout class called the Goddess Effect, run by a lifestyle guru named Venus who’s the very definition of #goals. One look at her Lululemon-clad acolytes sweating out their demons while dripping with confidence and Anita’s all in. When one of the class regulars takes Anita under her wing, Anita’s sure she’s found her people.

But Anita’s not so smitten that she doesn’t wonder about a few things: an inexplicable invitation to a Goddess Effect retreat, a strange tradition of secret sharing, and whispers about “enhancements” that only Venus can provide. Anita is awakening to a terrifying epiphany: the Goddess Effect isn’t quite what it seems, and it may turn her world—and that of everyone around her—upside down.

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Dead Before Dinner (A Maddie Swallows Mystery Book 1) Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

Green chile has never been more dangerous…

Psychologist Maddie Swallows’ decision to return to New Mexico seemed like a good idea at the time, considering the divorce and her two teenagers she’d dragged along for the ride.

But that was before the New Year’s Eve party she was guilt-tripped into attending. Before a member of the town council wound up dead and everyone at the party became a suspect. And before she was forced to unravel the secrets of her former hometown in order to clear her name.

Of course, with the help of two precocious teenagers and one meddling mother, the real murderer doesn’t stand a chance.

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Who All Die: An Imperial Assassins Novella (The Imperial Assassin) A devastating disease threatens the might of Rome…

Marcus Oclatinius Adventus, later Spymaster to Emperor Caracalla, was once but a mere soldier, fighting for the Empire against the Parthians.

Upon their journey back home, the men slowly but surely begin to weaken, hounded by some strange and deathly sickness.

As the Parthians close in, and Oclatinius’ legion gets weaker and weaker by the day, he must show the cunning and strength that would define his later years, in order to escape alive.

A scintillating novella in the Imperial Assassin series, ideal for fans of Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.

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Puppy Love: A Redwood Ridge Romance Book 1 Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

This playboy has met his match, and she’s organized…

After a passionless marriage under the scrutiny of high society, Avery Stowe is taking back her life. All she wants is a little privacy and a quiet place to raise her autistic daughter, Hailey. Redwood Ridge, Oregon, seems to offer all the right ingredients. Except for the problem of the local sexy veterinarian. The last thing she needs in her life is to fall for his irresistible allure, even if he is a nice guy who keeps doing her favors. But the well-meaning patrons of her new hometown have other ideas, and it appears playing Cupid is one of them.

Cade O’Grady has never met a woman he couldn’t handle, but when Avery Stowe walks into his office late one night cradling an injured puppy, he’s struck stupid. Which might explain her total lack of interest in him. But now that she’s working for his family’s clinic, he doesn’t have to lust from a distance.

He might just have a chance at convincing Avery–and her too-guarded heart–that falling for the right man isn’t a mistake…

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