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November 19, 2023

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How to Date a Fury: a paranormal shifter romance (Syn City Shifters Book 1) Who knew dying would be the easy part of my day?

It all started the night Chase, my mountain lion shifter ex, reappeared. We’d had a whole good girl/bad boy romance going until he abandoned me a decade ago. I’d gone to Syn City for a little fun before being trapped in my hometown forever.

Then I was murdered by a maniac and my night really fell apart.

But somehow, Chase managed to strike a deal on a blood oath and bring me back as a Fury. He wants a second chance at romance, claiming we’re fated mates.

Now, I have to deal with the guy I thought I’d never see again, find and punish my murderer, and participate in a giant supernatural roller derby (long story)—all while trying to earn my wings.

And if I fail? I’ll end up dead. Again…only this time, it’ll be permanent.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing hell hath no fury like, well, an actual Fury.

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Indoor Edible Garden: Creative Ways to Grow Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables in Your Home Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

Make the most of your space, from balconies and windowsills to countertops, walls, and even ceilings, to grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers in your home that look amazing and taste even better.

Featuring 28 innovative step-by-step projects, Indoor Edible Garden is a highly visual guide full of practical tips and stylish ideas for how to create edible indoor gardens using whatever space you have available. Use your space and light in clever ways, brightening your home with unique living decorations. Inspiring from the start, this book shows off its lush garden projects through beautiful design and full-color photographs.

Reference more than 30 profiles of the top herbs, edible flowers, fruiting plants, and vegetables. Follow DIY project templates to grow your gardens into beautiful home decor. The step-by-step instructions include how to create a hanging chili and basil ball, how to grown your own tea leaves, how to sprout microgreens in cupcake liners, and more. Plus, this guide also includes straightforward explanations of scientific methods such as artificial lighting and hydroponics and key techniques for planting, drainage, and harvesting.

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The Doomsday Code: A Near-Future AI Thriller In an artificial intelligence lab in Shanghai, something has gone terribly wrong.

Days after a major breakthrough in machine learning, CyberGen Industries’ lead AI scientist is dead—and their precious prototype has vanished into the ether. An investigation reveals that, against all odds, the lab’s “unhackable” system has been breached.

The discovery, an algorithm mimicking human intelligence, is growing quickly—becoming more cunning and unpredictable with each passing hour. Soon its capabilities will eclipse its creators entirely.

Who stole it? And more troubling, what do they plan to do with it?

Ex-NSA hacker Adrian Pryor may be the only person on the planet capable of reining it in. He spent his career keeping the world safe, a vigilance for which he paid an enormous, personal price. Adrian knows there are people who will stop at nothing to control the powerful technology. He must find a way to do the impossible: to stop them, and to outmaneuver a rival more clever, more powerful, and more alien than anything he has ever seen…

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The Art of Losing: A Novel Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

Across three generations, three wars, two continents, and the mythic waters of the Mediterranean, one family’s history leads to an inevitable question: What price do our descendants pay for the choices that we make?

Naïma knows Algeria only by the artifacts she encounters in her grandparents’ tiny apartment in Normandy: the language her grandmother speaks but Naïma can’t understand, the food her grandmother cooks, and the precious things her grandmother carried when they fled. Naïma’s father claims to remember nothing; he has made himself French. Her grandfather died before he could tell her his side of the story. But now Naïma will travel to Algeria to see for herself what was left behind—including their secrets.

The Algerian War for Independence sent Naïma’s grandfather on a journey of his own, from wealthy olive grove owner and respected veteran of the First World War, to refugee spurned as a harki by his fellow Algerians in the transit camps of southern France, to immigrant barely scratching out a living in the north. The long battle against colonial rule broke apart communities, opened deep rifts within families, and saw the whims of those in even temporary power instantly overturn the lives of ordinary people. Where does Naïma’s family fit into this history? How do they fit into France’s future?

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The Body Below Conn Whitman’s long-distance swims keep him centered and sane—until a terrifying underwater encounter in a woodland lake plunges him into the middle of a murder investigation.

Once a superstar investigative reporter, disgraced by misconduct, Conn returned to his Vermont hometown to put his life back together. Now, after ten years on the job, he knows his community like nobody else. So, when he kicks a submerged object while swimming—something with the density and resilience of human flesh—he immediately wonders if it’s connected to an unsolved murder in a nearby town.

Detective Marlene Selanski is the lead on the State Police investigation and soon locks horns with Conn. It’s clear she considers him a suspect and believes his “vigilante research” is interfering with her investigation. Defying Selanski, Conn and his fiancée Celine Gabrielli combine their talents—his decade of journalistic research, her PhD in psychology and wealth of knowledge on the traditions of Vermont’s old villages—to seek answers on their own.

As layers of deception peel away, Conn and Celine realize too late the dangers of amateur sleuthing—murder disrupts lives in unexpected ways, sending out ripples and bringing long-hidden secrets to the surface.

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Friends & Mothers: A Novel Five women, all of them mothers, meet regularly for tea and cake. Their lives are consumed by children, school drop-offs, and casual conversations; so their respite at the Vista Cafe is a welcome retreat.

Until the day that Evelyn’s baby disappears.

Suffering severe postpartum depression, Evelyn is now in a psychiatric hospital refusing to utter a word—not even any information regarding the whereabouts of her newborn daughter, Amy—leaving her remaining four friends at a loss. In her absence, they begin to piece together Evelyn’s life, as a mother and as a woman, and start to take a look at their own lives. What ensues is each woman’s uncovering of her own lapsed desires—those dreams and wants that were slowly sidelined or put off for a later date as husband, marriage, and child-rearing became full-time occupations.

Joanna confronts her halfhearted efforts to lose the baby weight from her second child, Sam, who is now three years old. Clare’s lifestyle is as unkempt as her hair, a fact that usually has her buying the newest day planner but now makes her question her early beginnings as an artist. Susan is the stereotypical supermom who is never late to pick up her kids, yet she cannot seem to take the same charge when it comes to her own life. And Wendy, though the quietest among them, perhaps has the biggest secrets…

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The Surgeon's Daughter: A Novel Over 2,400 5-Star Reviews!

From USA Today bestselling author of Audrey Blake comes a riveting historical fiction novel about the women in medicine who changed the world forever.

Women’s work is a matter of life and death.

Nora Beady, the only female student at a prestigious medical school in Bologna, is a rarity. In the 19th century women are expected to remain at home and raise children, so her unconventional, indelicate ambitions to become a licensed surgeon offend the men around her.

Everything changes when she allies herself with Magdalena Morenco, the sole female doctor on-staff. Together the two women develop new techniques to improve a groundbreaking surgery: the Cesarean section. It’s a highly dangerous procedure and the research is grueling, but even worse is the vitriolic response from men. Most don’t trust the findings of women, and many can choose to deny their wives medical care.

Already facing resistance on all sides, Nora is shaken when she meets a patient who will die without the surgery. If the procedure is successful, her work could change the world. But a failure could cost everything: precious lives, Nora’s career, and the role women will be allowed to play in medicine.

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Psychological Thriller Box Set
📚 4-Books-in-1 📚

Introducing four gripping psychological thrillers by Cole Baxter.

Will he mend her broken heart? Or does he have a darker plan?

Still mourning the death of her husband, Charlene meets the perfect suitor-Samuel. But he is not the man he appears to be.

When he begins acting strangely, Charlene is unsure if she can really trust him.What she finds when she begins investigating him is beyond her worst nightmares.

Will Charlene find the strength to confront the shocking truth?

Inside you’ll four complete novels including, The Perfect Suitor, The Night Nurse, The Betrayal, and I Won’t Let You Go.

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The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Over 1,200 5-Star Reviews!

A classic British mystery anthology containing the last twelve stories featuring the most famous fictional detective of all time.

Enter the world of Sherlock Holmes for this final collection of short stories showcasing one of English literature’s greatest sleuths as he solves some of his more puzzling cases.

From the criminal London underworld to the estates of the most illustrious aristocrats, Holmes engages his trademark deductive reasoning to locate a missing war veteran, recover a stolen gem, track down a Sussex vampire, and even discover why a university professor has begun to creep about like a beast. These are just a few of the mysteries that have come to the attention of Holmes and his loyal companion, Dr. Watson, some of which have baffled even the ranks of Scotland Yard.

For Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts and lovers of classic British detective fiction, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes is a must-read compendium of crime fiction from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about one his most beloved literary creations.

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How to See (Mindfulness Essentials Book 7) Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

Discover the bestselling Mindfulness Essentials series—a back-to-basics collection by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh that reveals the essentials of mindfulness practice.

Reach true clarity and insight by looking deeply, minimizing misperceptions, and having the courage to see things as they really are.

Profound and always approachable, Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us the art of looking deeply—in to our knee-jerk assumptions and runaway thoughts—so we can recognize the true meaning and essence of our lives. How to See teases apart the act of seeing-both inside and outside of ourselves, and points the way to developing true clarity.

Written with his signature warmth, these pithy meditations are accompanied by playful sumi-ink drawings by California artist Jason DeAntonis.

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The Blue Hour (Merci Rayborn Novels Book 1) Over 600 5-Star Reviews!

Tim Hess is a semi-retired homicide cop staring at his own death sentence – lung cancer. Time is running out.

Thrice divorced and childless, Hess is the classic loner cop – so he’s happy to accept the difficult job offered to him: find and stop a serial killer who’s been abducting beautiful young women in Orange County.

His new partner, and boss, is the brash, ambitious Merci Rayborn. She’s unpopular and unloved by her fellow cops, but she’s also relentless, smart and principled. Hess, challenged by the investigation and by his own disease, isn’t happy about taking orders from Merci, and he certainly isn’t planning for her to fall in love with him…

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It Takes a Village: A wonderfully uplifting small town romance (Single Dads Club Book 1) Over 800 5-Star Reviews!

For Leo, Hope Cove is a place to return to. His hometown is now the place he’ll raise his daughter. The surprise daughter who was a result of a fling with a woman he barely knows…

Thrust into the world of single parenting, he’s in over his head, but at least he’s surrounded by old friends to help him out.

For Caitlin, it’s a place to visit as a favour to a friend. All she has to do is check that the baby her friend gave up is being well looked after, then she’ll leave again quickly.

At least that was the plan.

When she feels an immediate attraction to Leo, all plans go out of the window. Drawn into spending more time with him and baby Alice, Caitlin finds herself falling head over heels for the pair of them.

But to be with Leo, she’ll have to betray her closest friend.

Is she willing to risk losing her friend for a shot at love? And is she ready for the complications of a relationship with a single father, regardless of how right it feels?

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A Holiday Set-Up (Green Valley Book 1) Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

Most people don’t have a nemesis, but I do. His name is Rafe Archibald.

On the first day of kindergarten, he stole my chocolate cupcake. In sixth grade, he won the big essay contest, while I ended as runner-up. All through high school, he was my academic rival, and in college he dated all my friends. After graduation, I hoped to be rid of him at last, but he moved into the apartment across the hall.

He’s always around. Inescapable. Constantly infuriating me with his too-long hair, his laid-back attitude, and his smug smile.

Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. Our grandmothers start meddling. They decide we must be secretly in love and concoct a matchmaking scheme.

When my grandmother announces she’s inviting all her friends and family to her huge country estate for an old-fashioned holiday house party, I’m excited about a one-week break from running into Rafe in the hallway, at the coffee shop, and at our favorite bar. Then there he is. At my grandmother’s house for Christmas. In the room across the hall.

Their set-up won’t work… Right?

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TWO HEARTS' CHRISTMAS PROMISE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 12) Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

When news correspondent Alexandra returns home injured from a deadly assignment, can air force pilot Sean convince her to keep her Christmas promise?

High school hockey player Sean Reynolds is captivated by Crystal Rock’s newest resident, Alexandra Evans, the lone skater who’s determined to make the high school figure skating team. Luckily, Sean is there to rescue her when she falls through thin ice.

Ten years later when they meet again, Sean is an Air Force Lieutenant while Alexandra has become a highly respected news correspondent. Although they come from different worlds, their attraction is instantaneous when they meet again at Christmas in Crystal Rock, and after spending every spare moment of their Christmas holiday together, Sean does something crazy and asks her to marry him.

Alexandra has compared every man she’s ever met with Sean, even though they never actually dated in high school since Sean was much older. But she immediately accepts his proposal, knowing they can find a way to work it out.

They’re planning a holiday wedding the following year. But when Alexandra’s overseas assignment turns deadly, she returns home scarred and breaks their engagement while refusing to see Sean. Can Sean convince her that beauty is only skin deep so that two hearts can keep their Christmas promise?

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