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Echo Lake (The Swift River Valley Novels Book 4) Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

A frosty New England winter is enlivened with the spark of new love in the New York Times bestselling author’s charming small-town romance.

Heather Sloan has landed her dream job—renovating Vic Scarlatti’s 1912 country home in Knights Bridge, Massachusetts. Overlooking the icy waters of Echo Lake, the stately old home is the perfect project for the family business. And for once, Heather is in charge.

Diplomatic Security Service agent Brody Hancock left Knights Bridge at eighteen, a few steps ahead of arrest and the wrath of Heather’s older brothers. Though Brody had never planned to return, his friend Vic, a retired diplomat, needs his help.

Staying at Vic’s guest house makes it impossible to avoid running into Heather at every turn. Seeing her again has affected Brody more than he wants to admit. But Heather is wary of Brody’s sudden interest in her, and she suspects there’s more to his homecoming than he’s letting on…

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All Creatures Great and Small & All Things Bright and Beautiful
📚 2-Books-in-1 📚
Over 4,000 5-Star Reviews!

The first two memoirs in the New York Times–bestselling series from an English veterinarian—and the basis for the Masterpiece series on PBS.

All Creatures Great and Small: In the rolling dales of Yorkshire—a simple, rural region of Northern England—a young veterinarian from Sunderland joins a new practice. A stranger in an unfamiliar land, James Herriot must quickly learn the odd dialect and humorous ways of the locals, master outdated equipment, and do his best to mend, treat, and heal pets and livestock alike.

All Things Bright and Beautiful: After his first day on the job, Herriot’s mentor warns him that the life of a country veterinarian is full of small triumphs and big disasters, but that he’d never be bored. From night visits to drafty barns during freezing Northern England winters to the beautiful vitality of rural life in the summertime to the colorful menagerie of animals—and their owners—that pass through his office, Herriot experiences new challenges and joys every day. In these pages, Herriot trains under his eccentric boss in a rustic English village, courts the woman that becomes his wife, and meets the people he would come to write about for a lifetime.

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How to Clean Everything: A practical, down to earth guide for anyone who doesn't know where to start Over 350 5-Star Reviews!

From everyone’s favorite online cleaning expert and ‘TikTok Auntie’, this is the only cleaning book that you will ever need.

How to Clean Everything is full of genuinely useful tips and tricks, and advice about not just what but also what not to do. Covering everything from laundry to accidents, and cleaning room by room, this book also contains sections on more general household maintenance, particularly useful for renters or anyone living away from home for the first time.

Ann’s approach is realistic, reassuring and easy to follow whatever your circumstances.

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Jeremy Pang's School of Wok: Simple Family Feasts Easy feasting is back on the menu with this new collection from TV’s Jeremy Pang.

Bringing together the best flavours from across East and South East Asia, Jeremy Pang’s Simple Family Feasts includes more than 80 irresistible recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Nine of the ten chapters in the book are dedicated to a different country in East and South East Asia, each one offering a range of dishes inspired by that particular cuisine. The recipes within those chapters can be enjoyed individually as a simple meal, built up with one or two other dishes or the whole chapter combined for a full-on banquet for friends and family.

To simplify the cooking process, most of the recipes can be prepared using Jeremy’s signature ‘wok clock’ technique, where the ingredients are laid out in a clock formation in the order they will be cooked. The new ‘feasting wheels’ will help you find a balance of colour, flavour and texture across dishes, as well as providing the order of preparation, so you have a clear process for building a delicious, crowd-pleasing feast.

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Final Walk Through (A Flamingo Realty Mystery Book 10) Over 600 5-Star Reviews!

Stella O’Neil tried to get along with her rival, she really did. But when her rival is found murdered, she wasn’t as shocked as she might have been… Angela had been making enemies all her life; people either loved or hated her.

Everyone knew that Angela had been trying to ruin Stella’s business ever since she helped a client, so Stella is shocked to find she’s the prime suspect.

She has motive, access to the property where Angela was killed and no alibi… if she doesn’t find the murderer, she might pay for a crime she didn’t commit.

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Until I Find You: The gritty new crime thriller from the author of the Kerry Casey series (Billie Carlson Book 1) Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

When you’ve lost everything, you’ll stop at nothing…

Billie Carlson left the police force under a cloud. Once a promising young officer she now works as a private investigator, rooting out insurance scams and spying on cheating spouses.

One morning a distraught young woman comes into her office saying that her baby has been stolen. Her story seems unbelievable, yet something about her makes Billie want to help – Billie knows what it’s like to lose someone too.

To get to the bottom of the case Billie must rattle some dangerous cages and rely on old police friends for inside help. Soon she discovers a network of crime deeper and far more twisted than she ever could have imagined. But is she in way over her head?

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To Annabelle, With Love (Can This Be Love (American Heiress Spinoff) Book 2) If the man is as wicked as they paint him to be, why does he make Annabelle feel so wonderful?

Annabelle Lawson knew nothing about the handsome and charismatic stranger she met on the train—only that he would make an ideal model for the budding young artist—and that she desired him more than she ever believed possible. She is soon lured into a passionate and romantic summer affair, but after she is seduced, she learns that she’d also been betrayed.

The man she thought she loved was really Magnus Wallis—a scoundrel like his father before him, the loathed and vengeful cousin of Annabelle’s benefactor, the honorable Earl of Whitby.

Older and wiser, no longer the naïve, romantic girl who would fall for a rogue, Annabelle cannot avoid a reunion with Magnus, who wants to include her paintings in his new London gallery. She means to show him her coldest face—but upon seeing him again, her every intention melts from the heat of his touch. It is clear that Magnus still burns for her, but is he the villain he once was, or can he be redeemed and become a man Annabelle could dare to love?

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Magical Midlife Madness (Leveling Up Book 1) Over 20,000 5-Star Reviews!

A woman starting over. A new house with an unexpected twist. A cape wearing butler acting as the world’s worst life coach.

"Happily Ever After" wasn’t supposed to come with a do-over option. But when my husband of twenty years packs up and heads for greener pastures and my son leaves for college, that’s exactly what my life becomes.


This time, though, I plan to do things differently. Age is just a number, after all, and at forty I’m ready to carve my own path.

Eager for a fresh start, I make a somewhat unorthodox decision and move to a tiny town in the Sierra foothills. I’ll be taking care of a centuries old house that called to me when I was a kid. It’s just temporary, I tell myself. It’ll just be for a while.

That is, until I learn what the house really is, something I never could’ve imagined.

Thankfully forty isn’t too old to start an adventure, because that’s exactly what I do. A very dangerous adventure that will change my life forever. I have a chance to start again, and this time, I make the rules.

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Forever: A Medical Thriller (Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Medical Thrillers) Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

Will medical research unravel the secret to immortality? Or will it be stolen by a master of manipulation, deceit, and murder?

Professor Brad Parker is enjoying his sabbatical in one of Harvard’s leading genomic engineering labs, focused on altering the human genome to meet challenges like treating cancer and increasing longevity. Then he’s interrupted by a surprise request from the FBI. Can he help them track down a Chinese spy who’s stealing the lab’s secrets?

Becoming engaged in a case of criminal conspiracy is the last thing Brad wants to do—but at the urging of Karen Richmond, his partner and now an FBI agent herself, he agrees. The ensuing hunt takes Brad and Karen down a trail of treachery and death that leads from Boston to the coast of southern Maine, where a killer lies in wait.

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The Cottage at Whisper Lake: A completely heart-warming and unforgettable page-turner (Temple River) Over 400 5-Star Reviews!

A chance meeting rewrites the past and changes two lives forever in a gripping novel about family secrets, homecoming and hope.

Journalist Sadie is home for the first time in fifteen years, staying in her small childhood bedroom as she deals with her estranged father’s death and her surprising inheritance.

When Sadie meets Rebecca, the reclusive new owner of the solitary cottage at the edge of nearby Whisper Lake, she’s taken aback by the older woman’s request for help: ‘I need to find my family. Will you help me?’. She’s even more surprised when afterwards, Rebecca acts as if she never made the plea.

Reluctantly, Sadie is drawn in to the mystery. With the help of Rebecca’s handsome neighbour Dan, Sadie begins to uncover the woman’s haunting secret, and the tragic story of when a young girl called Becky lived in another cottage nearby…

By helping Rebecca to face her ghosts, could it be time for Sadie to face the trauma in her own past? As the time to leave draws close, will she learn the importance of family, and love, or will she keep choosing to protect her heart no matter the cost?

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It Was All The Cat's Fault: A romantic comedy (The Meet Cute Series Book 2) Eve is Miss Independence incarnate.

She can juggle work, school and a fixer-upper house just fine with a little help from YouTube. Well, she could, if her beloved cat, Thor, would stop getting into trouble—like getting stuck behind the walls. Thankfully, handymen make house calls at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning.

Enter Brent who not only has all the power tools she needs, he looks like the God Thor. A mountain of muscle with movie-star hair, shining green eyes, and a perfectly scruffed, chiseled jaw. Just great. She doesn’t have time for all the lusty neediness rising where it should not be rising.

Eve reminds herself and her weakening knees that she’s a strong, independent woman determined to make it without anyone’s help. But as more renovation and cat-astrophes pile on, she finds her fingers doing the walking to call Brent to her rescue.

And she has to decide if keeping him at arm’s length fits her life plan, or if it’s the biggest miscalculation she’s ever made. It doesn’t help Thor seems to be in cahoots with Brent when it comes to foisting romance on her.

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The Operator (Ian Bragg Thriller Book 1) Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

A hitman with a conscience…

Ian Bragg is paid to kill people. Only bad people and not many, but for a great deal of money.

Case the target. Make the hit. Move on until he meets the woman with sparkling green eyes who changes everything.

Is his newest target deserving of death? Who is Ian to decide if the politician needs to die? He is the one who has to live with the consequences, that’s who.

The contract deadline nears. Too many unknowns, too much to lose. Pull the trigger or not?

Ian makes his own rules to get himself out of a quandary where it’s more than just his life on the line. For the greater good, join Ian Bragg.

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Aundy: A Sweet Western Historical Romance (Pendleton Petticoats Book 1) Over 1,800 5-Star Reviews!

Faced with a desperate situation, Aundy Thorsen abandons her life in Chicago and responds to a farmer’s plea for a mail-order bride in Pendleton, Oregon. Then tragedy strikes, leaving her a widow the same day she becomes a wife.

Aundy accepts the challenge of managing the farm while battling unfamiliar work, demented chickens, and doubting men. Amid her efforts to build a new life, she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Garrett Nash, the one man capable of winning her heart.

Raised on the family ranch in Pendleton, Garrett Nash enjoys being part of the community, lending a hand whenever it is needed. After the passing of his neighbor, Garrett takes on the responsibility of protecting and caring for his friend’s spirited widow. As he observes her resolve and resilience, his admiration for her grows into something far deeper. Despite his hesitation, Garrett soon finds himself on a mission to convince Aundy to open her heart to love once again.

Filled with humor and hope, this heartwarming romance is a wholesome tale of courage, compassion, and love in the face of adversity.

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