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The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane: The perfect cosy and uplifting Christmas romance to curl up with! Over 1,600 5-Star Reviews!

Nia Maddison has always believed that wishes come true on Nutcracker Lane. So, when she gets the opportunity to run her own Christmas gift shop on the most magical street in town, it feels like her wishes have been finally granted.

But working late one night, Nia discovers yet another boyfriend has cheated on her. As she trudges home – alone, again – she passes the (supposedly) magical nutcracker and half-joking thinks a wish can’t hurt. Cracking a nut in its mouth, she wishes to find Prince Charming.

The next day Nia gets to work to find another decoration shop has opened directly across the lane from her own, and she can’t resist having a nose around.

Whilst there, she accidentally backs into a human-sized Nutcracker, knocking it over and breaking it. Mortified, she flees from the store but when she gathers her resolve to go back and apologise, she stumbles across the gorgeous shop owner James, who looks exactly like Prince Charming…

Could her Christmas wish from the night before really be coming true?

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Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Resurrection Over 900 5-Star Reviews!

Treadstone made Jason Bourne an unstoppable force, but he’s not the only one…

Operation Treadstone has nearly ruined Adam Hayes. The top-secret CIA Black Ops program trained him to be an all but invincible assassin, but it also cost him his family and any chance at a normal life. Which is why he was determined to get out. Working as a carpenter in rural Washington state, Adam thinks he has left Treadstone in the past, until he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague, and soon after is attacked by an unknown hit team at his job site.

Adam must regain the skills that Treadstone taught him–lightning reflexes and a cold conscience–in order to discover who the would-be killers are and why they have come after him now. Are his pursuers enemies from a long-ago mission? Rival intelligence agents? Or, perhaps, forces inside Treadstone? His search will unearth secrets in the highest levels of government and pull him back into the shadowy world he worked so hard to forget.

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Meant to Be: A Novel Over 800 5-Star Reviews!

An inspiring new family saga about two headstrong sisters who long to forge their own paths.

In the small farming community of Mason, Kansas, Vera and Kelly Exton are known for their ambitions. Vera is an activist who wants to join her boyfriend in the Peace Corps. But she is doing her duty caring for her widowed mother and younger sister until Kelly is firmly established. Kelly works for the local veterinarian and plans to marry her childhood sweetheart…as soon as he gets around to proposing.

Neither sister is entirely happy with the path that’s been laid out for her. But it’s 1972 and times are changing. As each evaluates her options, everything shifts. Do you do what’s right for yourself or what others want? By having the courage to follow their hearts these women will change lives for the better and the effects will be felt by the generations that follow. Meant to Be delivers an emotional, smart, funny and wise lesson about the importance of being true to yourself.

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Murder in Mesopotamia: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot series Book 14) Over 1,200 5-Star Reviews!

Suspicious events at a Middle Eastern archaeological excavation site intrigue the great Hercule Poirot as he investigates Murder in Mesopotamia, a classic murder mystery from Agatha Christie.

Amy Leatheram has never felt the lure of the mysterious East, but when she travels to an ancient site deep in the Iraqi desert to nurse the wife of a celebrated archaeologist, events prove stranger than she could ever have imagined. Her patient’s bizarre visions and nervous terror seem unfounded, but as the oppressive tension in the air thickens, events come to a terrible climax–in murder.

With one spot of blood as his only clue, Hercule Poirot must embark on a journey not just across the desert, but into the darkest crevices of the human soul to unravel a mystery which taxes even his remarkable powers.

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Little White Lies (Georgiana Germaine Book 4) Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

When a serial killer sweeps through the streets of Cambria, California, Georgiana Germaine gets swept up into a tangled web of deception and lies.

After bidding farewell to the last guest of the night, Pippa Holliday checks on her four-year-old son, pours herself a glass of wine, and heads onto the deck for her nightly swim. As she begins to relax, her attention shifts to a shadow lurking next to the sliding glass door. A moment earlier, she could have sworn the shadow had moved.

Are her eyes playing tricks on her? Or is someone there with her, watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike?

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A Country Affair
Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews!
📚 2-Books-in-1 📚

Down-home charm and romance on the ranch.

A Little Bit Country

Stranded on the side of a country road with a broken-down car, Rorie Campbell is grateful when horse rancher Clay Franklin comes to her rescue. Stuck in the quirky small town, Rorie gets to know Clay, and she quickly starts to fall for the gruff, tough cowboy. Can a city girl make it work with a country man? Clay certainly thinks so. But their situation is…complicated. Clay and Rorie will have to sort out their feelings if they’re going to be together.

Country Bride

Kate Logan is understandably devastated when her former fiancé marries someone else instead. At the wedding, after one glass of champagne, she spontaneously—foolishly—proposes to her longtime friend Luke Rivers. And Luke agrees. The rancher is a man of his word, and though Kate thinks they’re making a mistake, he will not renege on his promise. Not only does he refuse to break the engagement, he insists that Kate actually loves him—and he’ll prove it.

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The French Revolution: 140 Classic Recipes made Fresh & Simple Michel Roux Jr, one of the best-known and most loved French chefs, shares his delicious collection of French recipes for the modern home cook.

In The French Revolution, Michel revisits the classic dishes from his traditional French upbringing, but takes a modern approach that adapts his favourite recipes to suit home cooks today who are looking for light, healthy and easy-to-make options. Gone are the very rich creamy sauces, heavy meat dishes and complicated cooking techniques, as Michel replaces these with recipes that delight the palate without threatening the waistline.

Michel also features recipes that can be made in one pot for speed and convenience, such as the delicious Poulet Basquaise – a fragrant, simple stew of chicken, peppers and spices. Other dishes can be put together from store cupboard ingredients for a quick mid-week supper – such as Chickpea and harissa soup, to be served alongside one of his many simple salads, tempting vegetable dishes or speedy desserts.

These are not restaurant dishes – this is the food that Michel and his family cook and eat at home. In his beautiful new book, Michel brings the great cuisine of his native land into the 21st century – truly a French food revolution!

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Einstein on the Run: How Britain Saved the World's Greatest Scientist A "highly readable&quot account of the role Britain played in Einstein’s life—first by inspiring his teenage passion for physics, then by providing refuge from the Nazis.

In autumn 1933, Albert Einstein found himself living alone in an isolated holiday hut in rural England. There, he toiled peacefully at mathematics while occasionally stepping out for walks or to play his violin. But how had Einstein come to abandon his Berlin home and go ‘"on the run"?

In this lively account, Andrew Robinson tells the story of the world’s greatest scientist and Britain for the first time, showing why Britain was the perfect refuge for Einstein from rumored assassination by Nazi agents. Young Einstein’s passion for British physics, epitomized by Newton, had sparked his scientific development around 1900. British astronomers had confirmed his general theory of relativity, making him internationally famous in 1919. Welcomed by the British people, who helped him campaign against Nazi anti-Semitism, he even intended to become a British citizen. So why did Einstein then leave Britain, never to return to Europe?

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Hungry Hearts at Lilac Bay: A feel-good romantic comedy She’s convinced he’s trying to ruin her business. He’s nursing a broken heart. They run rival food trucks along a sunny Sydney bay. And their attraction is getting harder to deny…

By day, Lyra works in her food truck on the shores of Sydney’s Lilac Bay. By night, she dreams of finally getting her singing career off the ground.

When Alex parks his food truck beside hers, Lyra believes he’s intent on running her out of business. She’s determined not to trust him, but there’s one huge problem: she’s wildly attracted to him and he’s turning out to be more interesting than she could have imagined.

A decision that was supposed to open doors for her band accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that could end up costing her everything.

Can she find a way to set things right before she loses her dream man and her dream career?

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The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar (Sam Quinn Book 1) Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews!

Welcome to The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd in charge. I run my business by one simple rule: Everyone needs a good book and a stiff drink, be they vampire, wicche, demon, or fae. No wolves, though. Ever. I have my reasons.

I serve the supernatural community of San Francisco. We’ve been having some problems lately. Okay, I’m the one with the problems. The broken body of a female werewolf washed up on my doorstep. What makes sweat pool at the base of my spine, though, is realizing the scars she bears are identical to the ones I conceal. After hiding for years, I’ve been found.

A protection I’ve been relying on is gone. While my wolf traits are strengthening steadily, the loss also left my mind vulnerable to attack. Someone is ensnaring me in horrifying visions intended to kill. Clive, the sexy vampire Master of the City, has figured out how to pull me out, designating himself my personal bodyguard. He’s grumpy about it, but that kiss is telling a different story. A change is taking place. It has to. The bookish bartender must become the fledgling badass.

I’m a survivor. I’ll fight fang and claw to protect myself and the ones I love. And let’s face it, they have it coming.

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Mai Tais and Murder (Dog Detective - A Bulldog on the Case Book 5) A quaint English garden party comes with good friends, a talking French Bulldog, fabulous cocktails, and a murder mystery.

Lola Ramsay was dreading the garden party, She loved everything about England but she hated fuss. However, it seemed that saving the vicar from a murder charge made her a bit of a celebrity.

All is going well until the village trouble causer, Lucinda Clinton-West drops dead after drinking her cocktail. Was the Mai Tie a mix of murder?

All eyes fall on Roy Patterdale. After all, he threatened her life when she made the council cut his precious hedges. Is that really enough to drive a man to murder?

Sassy the sock-loving Frenchie must use all her skills to hunt down the killer for it seems that many in the village had a reason to silence the gossip of Lucinda…

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Life According to Jules: BRAND NEW uplifting small-town romcom Be charmed by the residents of the small beachside town Hedley Bay in this uplifting book about finding yourself, second chances and love that changes you.

Former junior surfing champion Asher Franklin faithfully follows the life advice left to her in a video message from her late mother Jules. Jules’s advice, which transformed Asher from tracksuit worshiping tomboy to bona fide glamazon, includes dating rules guaranteed to land the perfect man.

Ex pro surfer Billy Jarvis is not that man. Sexy as hell, but bouncing off rock bottom, Billy is everything Jules warned her against. Asher is determined to keep him at arm’s length but when her family pressure her to enter a charity surfing competition, fear of humiliation forces her to accept Billy’s offer to coach her.

As the flame of her competitive spirit reignites and her feelings for Billy grow, Asher begins to question the motherly advice that has shaped her. Can she find her way back to the ‘real’ Asher or will she lose her chance to find genuine love and the opportunity to fight for the surfing career that was once her destiny?

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