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Wings of Love: A sweet small town contemporary romance (A Lilac Romance Book 1) Take a trip to Lilac in this heartwarming small town romance novel.

What was Lilac’s mayor thinking, inviting Reo and Jack to volunteer together? There’s no way Reo will work with the arrogant former athlete who made her life miserable. And Jack wants nothing to do with the gorgeous goody-two-shoes who destroyed his college football scholarship chances.

When Reo and Jack discover they’re the only two people in Lilac with the angel app on their phones, they agree to do one more good deed. Can they pretend to get along for the good of the town and find a way back into each other’s hearts?

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Fog of Doubt (The Inspector Cockrill Mysteries Book 5) The Golden Age author of Green for Danger delivers “a mystery in the classic Christie-Carr-Queen manner… An outstanding tour de force” (The New York Times).

Few were disappointed when Raoul Vernet was found with his head bashed in, dead in a pool of his own blood.

On vacation in England, the Belgian seducer comes to visit Matilda, an old flame from a few years before. She agrees despite suspicions that Vernet has been deploying his legendary charm on another member of the family: young Rosie, who has returned from her Swiss boarding school carrying a child.

None of the family members were in the house when Raoul was killed, but all were within a fog-choked London mile.

Rosie calls in the brilliant Inspector Cockrill to clear the family’s name, but what he finds is a twisted clan of seven people, each as likely to laugh at a murder as commit one.

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Glimmer in the Darkness (Coventry Saga) Over 1,300 5-Star Reviews!

A little girl was kidnapped, and Cassidy is the only person who can save her…assuming she can avoid the police–and the ex-boyfriend who thinks she’s a murderer.

As a foster child whose mother was in prison for murder, Cassidy was an outcast in her small New Hampshire town until she met James. He and his family loved her like nobody ever had. But when she was babysitting James’s little sister, she and the little girl were kidnapped. She escaped, but James’s sister didn’t survive, and everybody assumed Cassidy killed her. Like mother, like daughter, after all.

With public opinion and the authorities united against her, Cassidy fled. Now, a decade later, another little girl has been kidnapped, and Cassidy is the only person who can save her.

He doesn’t know who to trust.

James never believed Cassidy killed his sister, no matter what the authorities said. When his best friend’s daughter is snatched a decade after Hallie’s murder, unlike the rest of the town, James doesn’t suspect Cassidy…until he finds her sneaking around his property. If she’s not guilty, what is she doing back in Coventry? Her answer—that she’s returned to find little Ella and she needs his help—has him reeling.

Can he trust Cassidy, despite what the police believe? If there’s any chance he can save Ella, he has to try.

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All My Life: A Memoir
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Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

When Susan Lucci and All My Children were introduced to the world in 1970, American television changed forever.

Susan’s character, the beautiful, spirited, and mercurial Erica Kane, was an original – the first vixen viewers loved to hate. But while millions have enjoyed getting to know Erica’s many sides, the woman who played her has remained a mystery.

In her long-awaited memoir, this very private actress, wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, and entrepreneur pulls back the curtain to reveal her story. As charming, down-to-earth, and compelling as the woman whose story it tells, All My Life shines a spotlight on one of our most popular stars and reminds us of the power of dreams and how we can find the courage and tenacity to make them come true.

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Secrets of the Specter (The Meowing Medium Book 1) Over 400 5-Star Reviews!

I’m Mags McAllister, and I am an honest-to-goodness modern-day candlestick maker. I work in my family’s shop in the historic district of Larkhaven, Georgia, and also make a pretty penny from sharing videos of my process online.

My life is simple, quiet, and all mine… until a white cat with mismatched eyes shows up outside my shop and refuses to leave. When I take him home, things get really weird. As in, I can now see things and people that were never there before.

It gets even freakier when a voiceless spirit introduces herself to me via a handwritten letter. This specter claims that I share her name and will also share her fate if we can’t solve the mystery that’s haunted our town since 1781… and quickly because she won’t be able to maintain her strength for much longer.

Talk about a cold case! Can I find a way to free my eighteenth-century counterpart? Or has my new feline companion just signed my death warrant by opening my eyes to the secret supernatural plane in our otherwise sleepy small town?

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The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life Over 6,800 5-Star Reviews!

Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it is the realization that we can.

Our most commonly held formula for success is broken. Conventional wisdom holds that once we succeed, we’ll be happy; that once we get that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But the science reveals this formula to be backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

Research shows that happy employees are more productive, more creative, and better problem solvers than their unhappy peers. And positive people are significantly healthier and less stressed and enjoy deeper social interaction than the less positive people around them.

Drawing on original research—including one of the largest studies of happiness ever conducted—and work in boardrooms and classrooms across forty-two countries, Shawn Achor shows us how to rewire our brains for positivity and optimism to reap the happiness advantage in our lives, our careers, and even our health.

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The Devil's Necklace (The Necklace Trilogy Book 2) Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

From New York Times–bestselling author Kat Martin, this regency romance is full of spirited romance, nefarious skullduggery, and lively emotional skirmishes.

To British privateer Ethan Sharpe, Grace Chastain was nothing but a pawn for vengeance against Harmon Jeffries, the traitor responsible for his brutal years in prison. Believing Grace to be Jeffries’ mistress, he plans to humiliate his enemy by seducing her.

Grace fears her priceless heirloom necklace has begun to live up to its curse when Captain Sharpe makes her his prisoner aboard his schooner. Defiantly she resists his coarse advances, and suspects there is more to this complex sea captain than his brooding anger and silent accusations.

But Ethan quickly realizes that she is not the wicked woman he imagined her to be. Grace is as headstrong as she is lovely, and the battle of wills that ensues weakens his resolve. Now Ethan must decide: can he settle the demons of his past and follow the destiny his heart commands?

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Gunslinger (Texas Rangers: Elite Troop Book 3) A Texas Ranger risks his job—and his heart—trying to protect a model once married to the mob. From the USA Today–bestselling author of Shotgun Justice.

Going undercover to keep the former wife of a Texas crime boss alive is risky business for Texas Ranger Bryce Johnson. Kylie Scott may have evidence that could put her ex-husband’s family away forever. If she lives long enough to testify.

For five years, Kylie managed to stay off the mob’s radar. With her cover blown, the former model is forced to flee the close-knit community that has embraced her. On the run again—this time with the seductive lawman who’s risking his career to protect her—Kylie battles her powerful desire for Bryce. If they survive, do they stand a snowball’s chance at a future together?

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Mr Right Next Door: A completely hilarious, heartwarming romantic comedy from Rachel Dove On her deathbed, Rory Gallant’s mother begs him to be a good man, and to not behave like his caddish father, Doug.

Now all grown up, Rory is a good man, but loves seems to elude him. Maybe he does need to be a bit more of a cad after all?

Deciding to follow the cad dating rules, and with a bit of help from lothario Doug, Rory decides to become the complete opposite of the man he really is….

Rory’s best friend and neighbour Sarah doesn’t understand why Rory thinks he needs to change to find love – he’s perfect just the way he is. She’s determined to show him that he doesn’t need to change in order to find love.

That maybe it’s standing right under his nose…maybe even right next door?

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Chaos: A Scarpetta Novel (Kay Scarpetta Book 24) Over 9,000 5-Star Reviews!

On a late summer evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her investigative partner, Pete Marino, respond to a call about a dead bicyclist near the Kennedy School of Government. It appears that a young woman has been attacked with almost superhuman force.

Even before Scarpetta’s headquarters has been officially notified about the case, Marino and Scarpetta’s FBI agent husband, Benton Wesley, receive suspicious calls, allegedly from someone at Interpol. But it makes no sense. Why would the elite international police agency know about the case or be interested? It soon becomes apparent that an onslaught of harassment might be the work of an anonymous cyberbully named Tailend Charlie, who has been sending cryptic communications to Scarpetta for over a week.

Even Lucy, her brilliant tech-savvy niece, can’t trace who it is or how this person could have access to intimate information. When a second death shocks Scarpetta to her core, it becomes apparent she and those close to her are confronted with something far bigger and more dangerous than they’d ever imagined.

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Montana Baby (Calhouns of Montana Book 1) Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews!

Chase Calhoun has worked hard at making Calhoun Customs a world-wide sensation and keeping his father’s dream alive. He hasn’t had time to think about settling down, so he’s not expecting to find love or new life in their garage amongst the ghosts of his family’s past.

Charlotte Jackson is on the run from a rebellious past, determined to prove she can be a good mom to three-month-old baby, Zoe. Tired of being delegated to the back office of the racing team her famous NASCAR family owns, she sets out to establish herself as a custom design artist. But her past soon threatens her future and everything she’s worked hard to build is challenged.

While Chase slowly loses his heart, Charlotte learns that sometimes family is more than just blood and DNA.

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The Seventh Sense (Mystics Book 1) Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

If you love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase, try The Seventh Sense, the first installment in the the action-packed series by the award-winning author.

Zoey St. John has always been a troubled kid. As an orphan, she’s lived alone on the streets, surviving by her wits, always keeping one step ahead of the police… and the monsters.

But when a mysterious group of people known as Agents show up, everything changes…Wrenched from everything she knows, she is whisked away to the Hive to be trained as an Operative for The Agency—a secret, elite group of supernatural peacekeepers.

But when Zoey learns of an explosive secret, she must embark on her most dangerous mission yet, a quest that could change the fate of the world…

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Two A Day: A Forbidden Sports Romance (The Dating Games Book 2) Over 600 5-Star Reviews!

What I should do as the new quarterback in Los Angeles: Win games.

What I shouldn’t do: Try to win over the sexy, sassy, fiery woman who works in the VP suite for the team.

I don’t always follow the good guy rules though, especially when I want to take her home. Again. Then up against the wall. Again. Then, out to breakfast the next morning.

Maybe I can get away with sneaking over to her home for a few late-night plays.

Then the team management blindsides me with this twist – she’s now in charge of managing my reputation.

But the play I don’t expect is this – the more time I steal with her, the more my heart wants to rip up the rules.

And that’s a real problem for my job on the field.

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