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January 11, 2017

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Death, Snow, and Mistletoe Murder in the holiday spirit. It was Christmas in Lickin Creek, and all through the town something was stirring…The borough council was quarreling about the color of the Christmas lights, and some ladies were stretching the limits of their leotards in a pageant called the Nutcracker.

All in all, former New Yorker Tori Miracle was basking in the quaint glow of her adopted Pennsylvania town, when suddenly the season went sour. A boy was missing. A thirty-year-old mystery resurfaced. And now two people have been murdered…

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Demon Moon (Prof Croft Book 1) New York City isn’t what it used to be… Amateur casters are calling up creatures they shouldn’t be able to, and there’s been a murder at the city’s most hallowed cathedral — with a message in blood on the victim’s back.

Between Chinatown’s newest mob boss, a scary-powerful vampire, a possessed cat talking, and the looming End of the World… Professor Everson Croft might just be in over his head.

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Everywhere and Every Way (The Billionaire Builders Book 1) New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst nails it with the first in an all-new sexy romance series.

Caleb Pierce started working for his father’s luxury contracting business at a young age, dreaming of one day sitting in the boss’s chair. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb…

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John Carter: Barsoom Series (7 Novels) A Princess of Mars; Gods of Mars; Warlord of Mars; Thuvia, Maid of Mars; Chessmen of Mars; Master Mind of Mars; Fighting Man of Mars COMPLETE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS 7 full-length novels! When John Carter goes to sleep in a mysterious cave in the Arizona dessert, he wakes up on the planet Mars. There he meets the fifteen foot tall, four armed, green men of mars, with horse-like dragons, and watch dogs like oversized frogs with ten legs.

This book bundle includes the 7 novels of the Barsoom series: A Princess of Mars, Gods of Mars, Warlord of Mars, Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Chessmen of Mars, Master Mind of Mars, Fighting Man of Mars.

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The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism The Reason I Jump is a one-of-a-kind memoir, written by Naoki Higashida, a very smart, very self-aware, and very charming thirteen-year-old boy with autism.

Higashida demonstrates how an autistic mind thinks, feels, perceives, and responds in ways few of us can imagine. Parents and family members who never thought they could get inside the head of their autistic loved one at last have a way to break through to the curious, subtle, and complex life within.

Named one of the Best Books of the Year By: NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, and Bookish

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The Damascus Cover Washed out agent Ari Ben-Sion accepts a mission he never would have 30 years ago… to smuggle a group of Jewish children out of the Damascus ghetto. Or so he thinks.

In Damascus, a beautiful American photographer seems to be falling in love with Ari, but she is asking too many questions. His communication equipment disappears. His contact never shows up. The operation is only hours away and everything seems awry. Desperate to succeed, Ari might risk everything. Even his life.

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The Girl Without a Voice: The true story of a terrified child whose silence spoke volumes (Casey's Teaching Memoirs) From bestselling author and foster carer Casey Watson. Imogen has selective mutism. She’s a bright girl, but her speech problems have been making mainstream lessons difficult.

Life at home is also hard for Imogen. Her mum walked out on her a few years earlier and she’s now living with her grandparents. There’s no physical explanation for Imogen’s condition, and after months of silence, Imogen utters her first, terrified, words to Casey, “I thought she was going to burn me.”

Dark, shocking and deeply disturbing, Casey begins to uncover the reality of what Imogen has been subjected to for years.

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The Secrets Between Sisters As sisters, nothing could tear Lizzie and Bea apart — until Bea dies, leaving her sister twelve letters, one for every month.

But the letters are revealing a sister Lizzie isn’t sure she recognises, and she’s beginning to wonder if she ever really knew Bea. As Lizzie delves deeper into her sister’s life she begins to uncover secrets that could tear her and her family apart…

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Awoken Roya Stark drowns every night in her dreams, spends her hours reading classic literature to avoid her family’s ridicule, and is prone to premonitions—which are becoming more frequent. And now her dreams are filled with strangers offering to reveal what she has always wanted to know: Who is she? That’s the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out. But will Roya live to regret learning the truth?

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The Cat Who Went Bump in the Night (Paranormal Cozy Mystery) (Eli Carter & the Ghost Hackers Paranormal Mysteries Book 1) Eli Carter is a smart (yet strange) guy trapped in a dead-end career. When he meets smooth-talking Khan Hart, a self-proclaimed necromancer, he’s given the opportunity to become a hero.

As soon as he takes the job working for Ghost Hackers, Eli’s life takes a turn for the paranormal. For starters, something under his bed is trying to kill him…

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